F2F 155: Make It or Break It Scenarios in Wholesale Real Estate

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When you are getting started wholesaling houses it can be so challenging when you get stuck or hit a wall. It can simply suck when you lose a contract, or can’t find a buyer. But when you DON’T hit a wall, get stuck, or lose contracts, the business is nothing short of fantastic.
So, today on the Flip2Freedom Podcast, Episode 155, we are talking the Make or Break situations in Wholesale Real Estate. I can assure, even if you are currently CRUSHING it, you are going to want to listen because there WILL be a golden nugget of information that can help you RIGHT NOW. SO, sit back, relax and enjoy this episode of the Flip2Freedom Podcast!

Listen and enjoy

What You’ll Learn:

  • The BIGGEST mistake you could make when going on an appointment
  • Why knowing your exit number is CRUCIAL to getting a contract signed!
  • How to handle a deal with little to no equity.


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