Making the Most of Mother’s Day for Wholesaling CEOs

Making the Most of Mother’s Day for Wholesaling CEOs

How should wholesaling CEOs be making the most of Mothers’ Day this year?

Mothers’ Day is a huge day on the calendar for heads of real estate investment businesses and shouldn’t be overlooked or underestimated. So what should you be doing in the run up to this special day in May, and how should you be spending your time on the day itself?

Before getting all hyped up about the potential for leveraging Mothers’ Day to boost business and income, perhaps giving thought to what you are going to do regarding the mothers in your own life. Don’t leave them hanging or neglected. This is one of those days of the year that wholesaling CEOs really should take off of work. Time flies by and it is the one commodity that is virtually priceless. Spend time with the moms in your life this Mothers’ Day.

Your customers will respect it, and those that don’t respect this integrity, may not be the ones that you really want to do business with anyway. They probably won’t be around later to baby you, when your mom isn’t and you missed out on key opportunities to spend quality time with her.

This is also a fantastic time to reward and remember past clients too. Help them provide a great Mothers’ Day for the moms in their lives and directly to your past clients that are moms too. Send thank you cards, send store gift cards, and collaborate with vendors to offer discounts on gifts like flowers and more.

However, this is also an excellent occasion for capitalizing on marketing and making the most of the additional internet traffic and attention to advertising, and picking up new prospects, clients and deals for flipping houses.

There is a huge array of options available to wholesaling CEO and remember that moms, now more than ever, are in control of home buying and selling decisions, and even more than men and children. They will be the ultimate decision makers. So win them over and win.

Those ready to go all out can consider local networking parties for moms whether it is lunch, brunch or a tea or cocktail party. Open houses on Mothers’ Day weekend can catch a huge amount of traffic and attention by honing in on the theme; offering on site spa treatments or massages, or even simple gift bags.

Those hungry to close more deals can consider offering special discounts to buyers and better offers on contracts to sellers that didn’t bite in the past; providing they sign before the weekend is up.

Even those looking for simpler wholesaling marketing opportunities can tap into the huge flow of internet traffic via blogs, PR, social, PPC or display ads and radio.

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