Networking Tips for Introvert Wholesaling CEOs

Networking Tips for Introvert Wholesaling CEOs

Every real estate investor must recognize that their success is directly linked to the number of new contacts they make every week. Despite all of the fancy and complex marketing strategies and options out their today face to face networking remains one of the best ways to do this.

New contacts mean fresh leads and referral sources. No matter where you are and where you are focused on investing you will find endless networking opportunities. However, despite how profitable and essential it is not every wholesaling CEO is cut out as an over the top extrovert.

Luckily, contrary to popular misconception wholesaling CEOs don’t have to be extremely outgoing, slick talking ex-used car salesman type to network effectively and close plenty of real estate deals.

7 tips for better networking:

1. Be Vulnerable

You don’t have to be the most outgoing person in the world, nor the most over-confident to make networking work for you. In fact, by simply being authentic and even vulnerable and honest about hating crowds and public speaking you might win over more new contacts.

2. Be Early

Instead of sneaking in late to avoid introductions why not try being extra early for a change? This will give you the chance to make personal connections one on one and get comfortable before the mayhem starts.

3. Pace it

Know that you don’t have to be the outrageous social butterfly and rush to meet everyone at an event. It is better to connect with a couple of people well and actually make something happen.

4. Don’t Sell Yourself

Many wholesaling CEOs make the critical mistake of thinking that networking openings mean having to rush to sell people in a matter of seconds. Remember no one wants to be sold; they are there for what they can get out of it for themselves. Instead take the spotlight and pressure off and focus on how you can help them.

5. Get Busy

Instead of attending rigid and forced networking groups choose a different battlefield. Perhaps tradeshows, interactive events where there are other activities are going on, breakfasts or barbecues that make for easier conversation making.

6. One on One

Making new contacts, networking and building relationships doesn’t have to be restricted to organized networking functions. In fact, every contact with others is an opportunity. If you want focused time in a relaxed setting why not set up intimate dinners or lunches where you will feel more in your zone than in a room full of others competing against each other.

7. Use Video

If you really love technology and would rather stay in your cave then how about compromising and using video via Skype or Google Plus Hangouts.

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