New Mobile Options for Your Wholesaling Marketing Mix

New Mobile Options for Your Wholesaling Marketing Mix

For even the least tech savvy real estate investor it is pretty clear that the future is all about mobile. So how can you capitalize on mobile to incorporate it as part of your wholesaling marketing mix and lead generation strategy?

Mobile internet usage is expected to surpass that of desktops by next year, if it hasn’t already. However, most real estate investors are ill prepared to compete on mobile and thus could see their advertising effectiveness and wholesaling marketing ROI decrease, unless they are extremely good at pinpointing prospects with laser targeting and know the tricks for making their marketing dollar go further than the competition.

Still, setting foot in mobile is an essential extension of what you are doing and can help generate hot real estate leads, fast. The question is how are you going to do it?

6 mobile wholesaling marketing options for real estate investors:

1. Facebook

Facebook seems to be finally be clawing its way back from the grave with its new approach to the ‘Facebook phone’ via Home on Android. So if you love Facebook and already have a sizable network on it, this could be a great option to pursue.

2. SMS

Bulk text and SMS messaging is one of the lowest tech and simplest ways for investors to embrace mobile, yet can still be extremely effective if done right.

3. CPA Campaigns

The most common form of CPA (Cost-Per-Action) is perhaps PPC advertising via Google Adwords, but there are so many more options from landing pages to display ads run by you or on third party networks. Think of it as pay for performance marketing or guaranteed results.

4. Mobile Pay-Per-Call

A newer extension of CPA is ‘pay-per-call’. Instead of going through all the mayhem of figuring out how to optimize mobile marketing ads yourself, this lets someone else do the heavy lifting, and you just pay per incoming call.

5. Responsive Design

Responsive website design allows investors to simplify their websites by eliminating the need for multiple sites to fit multiple screen sizes. Mobile responsive sites auto size to fit smartphones and tablets and laptops, making it more convenient and effective for users and generating leads.

6. Unleash Your Own App

You don’t have to build it yourself, but perhaps you can come up with a unique angle for rolling out your own winning mobile app?

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