Online Marketing for Wholesaling Real Estate: Stickiness vs. Conversions

Online Marketing for Wholesaling Real Estate: Stickiness vs. Conversions

The internet is one of the best things that has happened for wholesaling real estate marketing, but it has also brought many distractions and complications for investors.

One of the most controversial issues today is the mission to make websites more ‘sticky.’ Having a sticky website can be a good thing until it just means prospects are just getting stuck.

So when does measuring stickiness become self-sabotage, what is really more important to investors and how can they achieve it?

Stickiness: Wholesaling Marketing Gone Off the Rails?

Stickiness is about getting web visitors to spend more time on a page. The idea is that the more time a prospective home buyer, seller, investor or private lender spends on a given web page, the more likely they are to actually buy something.

This applies to everything from social pages to blog posts and landing pages. Unfortunately measuring stickiness is also a prime example of good metrics gone bad.

Testing, tracking and tweaking your wholesaling marketing are important but only really helps when you are watching and improving the most important metrics. Stickiness may be an indicator or precursor to making a sale in some cases, but just because prospects are staying longer on a given page doesn’t always translate into more success.

Getting More of What You Really Want

What real estate wholesalers really want is more closings, right?

Well, at least more net profit.

For that to happen, your wholesaling marketing needs to drive action and conversions, not just keep people stuck on your pages for longer. In fact, the faster they convert the better, right?

Offering ‘value’ has become a trap when it comes to real estate marketing on the web. Offering valuable information on blogs and social networks does have its value and place but not when it is at the expense of actually making money. After all, that is what flipping houses is really all about.

So instead of just focusing on improving the stickiness of your web assets and perhaps making prospects run out of time before they can actually get around to contacting you, maybe it is smarter to consider how you can push them through your funnel faster.

Recognizing Sticky vs. Stuck

Of course if prospects aren’t sticking and are just hitting the back button, you’ve got a major issue. Then wholesalers and prospects are just stuck.

7 ways to get your traffic unstuck to improve wholesaling marketing results:

  1. Get better at targeting and sending the right prospects to your web pages
  2. Have more interesting content (don’t forget original content and attractive design too)
  3. Build more credibility and trust early on so that this isn’t an issue which holds them back
  4. Answer the questions they are asking in their heads to get them unstuck
  5. Make the opportunity more enticing
  6. Create a stronger sense of urgency; act now or else!
  7. Improve the flow to keep them moving through to the close

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