Optimizing Yellow Letter Campaigns for Wholesaling Marketing

Optimizing Yellow Letter Campaigns for Wholesaling Marketing

Yellow letter campaigns continue to be a commonly recommended form of wholesaling marketing. So does it work and how can real estate investors make it better to boost their results from this type of marketing?

Yellow letter wholesaling marketing is a type of direct mail marketing increasingly being used by real estate investors to connect with homeowners in an attempt to buy their homes at a discount.

This specific style of direct mail is printed on yellow notepad type paper in order to come across as a personalized handwritten note from an individual versus more corporate junk mail. Some may actually print them in script and the envelopes can either be handwritten or printed.

These letters can be sent to a wide variety of prospects from blanketing farm areas to honing in on out of area owners or those in foreclosure, bankruptcy or other hardship situations.

Yellow letter campaigns have proven highly successful and profitable for wholesaling marketing for many real estate investors. However, results can vary immensely depending on a variety of factors.

So how can you rocket your yellow letter marketing results?

Watching timing of mailing is an easy way to ensure better performance of mailing campaigns. Making sure your mail lands on a good day on which your prospects will be receptive can make a big difference.

Testing is also important. It can be much wiser to test your marketing in smaller batches to see what is working best and hone improvements before going all out. However, one major mistake investors make here is not testing on a big enough scale. Any small campaign can hit a lucky break or unlucky one. Test on a larger scale and more than once.

Targeting mailing lists is critical. By getting more focused with targeting investors can send out fewer letters for bigger conversion rates. Ultimately this means a much higher ROI and certainly far less wasted time.

Answering is another major factor that trips up investors and enables others to reap huge rewards. Some incredibly let all of their inbound responses go unanswered and take days to get back to them. This is just burning money and missing out on opportunities you already paid for.

In contrast consider using toll free numbers and enhanced routing to make sure you get calls no matter where you are or have them sent to a virtual assistant. Toll free services also mean benefiting from call capture so no leads are ever lost and having an assistant can mean pre-screening prospects so that you only have to spend time talking to the most qualified.

Finally make sure to automate follow up including emails, letters, calls and asking for referrals.

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