Quick Tweaks to Improve Wholesaling Website Conversions

Quick Tweaks to Improve Wholesaling Website Conversions

Serious real estate investors know that having a wholesaling website is a great asset and can be absolutely critical to growing their investment businesses big, fast. However, many also find themselves scratching their heads at why their wholesaling websites aren’t producing the types of results and conversions that they had envisioned and hoped for. So what tweaks can you make to improve performance without starting from scratch again?

8 adjustments to improve wholesaling websites:

1. Fonts

If there was one thing that Steve Jobs really did right it was fonts. Sadly so many real estate investors today sabotage what could otherwise be incredible wholesaling websites with ugly fonts, horrible sizing and awful spacing. Is that really the best you can do?

2. Placement of Opt-In Forms

An investors semi-familiar with internet marketing know that winning on the web and investing has a lot to do with list building and gaining opt-ins. Where you place your opt-in form on your page can make a ton of difference. So if you aren’t getting them, try moving it.

3. Contact Info

One of the biggest reasons that wholesaling websites fail to convert is a lack of trust. They are new, often not extremely rich in design and failing to include contact information including phone numbers and business addresses make them look shady. Plus, the whole goal is to get prospects to contact you, right?

4. Make Essential Info Easier to Find

With today’s trend in more streamlined sites and less pages many end up making some of their best information too hard to find. Make sure navigation to the data your traffic needs to make a decision is easy use.

5. Depth of Content

While simple websites and even individual landing pages can work great there is also a lot to be said for depth of content. In the long run the length of text on your pages and number of pages can have a big impact on SEO and drive down the cost of future marketing, increasing ROI.

6. Flow

Do your content, links and focal points naturally and swiftly funnel your online visitors to the next step you want them to take or is there way too much to distract them?

7. Split

Split testing is a must for anyone marketing online today. However, another pitfall that comes with being a real estate wholesaler is trying to fit too much in to one tiny site. Trying to find properties to buy, sell the ones you’ve got and raise private mortgage money all at the same time in a small amount of text can be incredibly confusing for traffic and dramatically decrease its effectiveness. Try splitting these angles up into different pages, if not different websites altogether.

8. Where Leads Come From

Is your wholesaling website really optimized to convert visitors from your most popular ways of feeding it? What ads or search terms are they flowing through from?

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