Real Estate: Fun, Easy, Effective Marketing

Real Estate: Fun, Easy, Effective Marketing

Want an easier, more effective and enjoyable way to generate real estate leads?

There are many, many different, elaborate and challenging marketing strategies and tactics for those wholesaling real estate. Some are trendy and high tech, others feed the investor’s ego and others are just brain crushing and far more expensive and time consuming than they need to be.

Some of these can be profitable but there is another way to find more buyers, more motivated sellers and even more private mortgage lenders.

The bottom line is that there is a simple formula for generating more leads and profits…

The more new contacts you make, equals more leads coming in, equals more closings, which equals more income.

So theoretically all you need to do is make more new contacts every day.

Social media is great for reaching large numbers of prospects quickly, as are email campaigns, direct mail and other direct marketing strategies. However, there is another option and one which should at least be a part of every wholesaler’s marketing mix; simply getting out, meeting and interacting with more prospects every day.

Today too many investors wholesaling real estate spend far too much time behind screens in their private office or at home rather than connecting with new prospects and potential referral sources. Going to real estate investor meetings and lunching with other industry professionals weekly is a good move but still limited.

3 ways to connect with more prospects:

1. Work Outside

Locking yourself away to harness a better level of focus is great but not 100% of the time. What about getting out to work at Starbucks, a local shared or social office space or even just at the beach? It will give plenty of opportunity to meet new people and could help bring more creative thinking too.

2. Work Out

Regular exercise has been proven to increase productivity and improve brain function but also creates many opportunities for making new connections whether it means hitting the gym, group yoga or playing golf.

3. Just Get Out More

Instead of hammering away hour after hour, day after day at the computer or on the phone to drum up business and delegating everything else, why not just get out more? Take the car for an oil change yourself, get out to dinner more and even go shopping at the mall. It won’t even feel like you are working.

However, this doesn’t just mean flirting with cashiers and fitness instructors or throwing your business cards at every one who passes you by. Make meaningful connections, set follow up appointments, exchange Facebook likes and have them join your Google+ circles and demand referrals to those they know who need help.

Even just briefly connecting with 10 new people a day wouldn’t take more than a couple of hours but means 300 new potential prospects or referral sources every month, or 3,650 new ones a year, and that doesn’t even begin to count all of the contacts they have.

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