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F2F 125

Welcome, friends, to my podcast series that’s all about wholesaling houses… flipping houses using no cash, no credit. Yep, it most definitely can be done!

In this episode, we’re talking with an investor in Memphis, TN, who is killing it by wholesaling in his market – to the tune of $100,000 a month. Bryan Harris is actually a student of mine, who bought my courses and came to my Extreme Freedom seminar – and is proof that with some education and the right attitude and mindset – you can do anything.

He’s gonna break down his entire system for us, tell us about his team, what exactly he’s doing – and just as important – what he’s NOT doing. Bryan talks a mile a minute and has poured every ounce of his knowledge into the episode. You’re gonna love this one.

Let’s get going…

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What you’ll learn

  • The one thing Bryan had to change to reach greater goals
  • Why your follow-up process is more important than the first time you reach a seller
  • Who the first person is that Bryan hired for his team and why
  • The specific tasks that Bryan outsources
  • What Bryan says is the ‘crazy way’ he made offers
  • Bryan’s preferred marketing channels and the strategy he doesn’t do
  • What’s the #1 factor to Bryan’s success
  • The thing Bryan does to pump himself up and get his head in the game to reach his goals
  • Bryan’s inspiring words for your to take action – now

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Intro:        Welcome to the Flip2Freedom podcast, I’m your host Sean Terry.

Sean Terry:   Hello, everyone. This is Sean Terry from the Flip2Freedom Podcast. And we are on episode number 125. And I got that doozy for you today. This episode is off the hook with Bryan Harris from Memphis, Tennessee that is making over $100,000 a month wholesaling houses and he breaks down inside this entire system, his team and what exactly he’s doing. And you’ll be blown away to find out what he’s NOT doing. It’s gonna … For everyone doing a bunch of deals, you’re gonna flick out to find out exactly what he’s not doing. If you’re brand new, to the podcast, welcome! Ya have no idea what the wholesaling is? It’s an incredible real estate investing vehicle who you market for distressed sellers. Distressed sellers who own vacant properties, vandalized properties, fire disrupted, whatever the case might be in your market for these specific properties, you can get them under contract, let’s say over hundred thousand dollars a house, you get a contract from a distressed seller under contract for safe $50 grand, right?

And then you have the ability now, cause you have equitable interest to market that property to a buyer, right? And now you gonna cash buyer who wants to purchase the property. You wanna get a discount deal on that property, right? So, a $100,000 property, you put it out there for there for 60,000, now you sign the contract, you get the contract with the seller, you sign the contract with a buyer, you take both those contracts to an attorney, to an a closing agent, to whatever you have title company, and you instruct them to do a double escrow or an assignment.

Now what happens is the buyer will wire you in 100% of the 60 grand, all of the money of which 50,000 goes to the seller, so they are ecstatic, they are happy. They didn’t have to pay real estate commission, closing costs, fix up the property, to go through any hustle, any inspections, and you, for putting those two together make $10,000. Now, if you do that once a month, right, you make a $120,000 in 2016 within the next 12 months. You do that once, you know, every other month, right, then you make $60 grand.

Now, Bryan Harris is doing that ten times plus a month, so if you do 10 deals a month, $10,000, boom, there you go, there is your $100,000 a month, and he’s built a team of people that helps go out and make that happen. So, we go in depth, in details of exactly how that works. Now, if you wanna learn more about exactly specifically what wholesaling is, I wrote a best-selling book, we can give it to you for free, all you gotta do is to go to flip2freedom.com. Go there, you’ll see a big link on the front page, click on there and you can download that book for free, it’s been downloaded over a half million times and it gives the specifics on exactly how to go out and quit your job, flicking houses in 19 weeks or less. I had people tell me they spent over a thousand dollars on the same book for free.

All right, let’s get into the interview with Bryan Harris from Memphis, Tennessee, you gonna absolutely love this. As we’ll ask him what is number one factor for his success and you’ll be shocked, what he says is pretty killer… It’s a little different where… it’s not traditional, but it’s something that I do too which is amazing, so, listen into that interview, you’ll absolutely love it, let’s see what he’s gonna say.

All right, Sean Terry here back with the man, the one, the only Bryan Harris. What is up, money? We’ll just call you “money”.

Bryan Harris:    What’s up, Terry, man!

Sean Terry:   On the Flip2Freedom Podcast, man, you just cranking, killing it.

Bryan Harris:    I love you, man. It’s all because you know, your helping Podcasts, your helping e-books. I mean, you name it. You give us so much information, man, it’s just changed the game here for everybody to really want some, you know?

Sean Terry:   That’s awesome. All right, okay, so, for people listening, you know, first of all, there are people online who never heard about wholesaling before, so they don’t even understand the concept.

Bryan Harris:    Me a year ago!

Sean Terry:   Yeah! Not even knowing what that is and all of a sudden they get going and quite their job. Now, you’ve built it when you had two months where you’ve generated over $100,000 dollars in a month.

Bryan Harris:    Right

Sean Terry:   Firstly, that’s an insane accomplishment, that is huge. You know, people don’t even make, most people don’t make even $100,000 a year, yet to make it in a month, that is crazy. So how do you feel about that, man? That’s just insane.

Bryan Harris:    Man, it’s a blessing, of course, just no one where I was a few years back, and I wanna say…I wasn’t like passed in discuss it or anything, that $100,000 but I wasn’t in that either, but mentally I wasn’t there and I think you spoke on this at Extreme Freedom, you know, I had to change my mindset, so I listened to a couple details, you know, about how I listened to you just to follow your guide and I changed my mindset, road it on a vision, made it clear, plain and literally, not everything started to happen, but, you know, as I move forward towards it, everything seems to start fall in the place, and it just literally changed our lives, seriously.

Sean Terry:   Wow, that is awesome. Congratulations. So, all right. Let’s go back, first of, before you got in real estate, what was your background?

Bryan Harris:    Well, here’s the deal, man, I got started in one of those most people call them models, back when I was 21 years old, pyramid.

Sean Terry:   Okay

Bryan Harris:    I dropped that at college, man, and I didn’t have anything else going and I made a little bit of money, I made enough money to wear for about 3 or 4 years. I was able to say “okay, what do I wanna do next? Do I wanna be the Mc Hammer story and blow this money”, right? I read a couple of books, man, the Robaky Isaaky guy and Oprah Winfrey talk. I think Oprah Winfrey said something like: she made her money in broadcasting but she holds all it to real estate. And it’s kinda anything that Oprah says…

Sean Terry:   Oh, yeah, gold.

Bryan Harris:    Yeah, it’s kinda gold, so it made me hungry to know more and at the time I was able to…I was 25 years old, all my friends were still working, so, you know, I was entrepreneur, I don’t wanna work… And I went to a movie one day, and I’m getting to the point, but I went to a movie, I saw my friend, we went to high school, he was selling real estate, he was a real estate agent and I told him that I want to invest in real estate and he said “Okay, cool, that’s Rock’n’roll, let’s go to look at some houses”. We looked at a house, we bought it, we now own it and I said “I wanna flip it!” It was 2005 and he said “You can’t flip houses at this market, the market is going down” And I’m one of those “you can’t tell me: you can’t!”

Sean Terry:   Right

Bryan Harris:    He said, I want to rent, I want some cash flow and I was like “Man, no, not right now, let’s flip” So I had a BMW, right, young, 25. He said “I’ll give you the full title to the house for the keys to your BMW. I was like “Damn, you know, I got to ride” And I sold it to him, I flipped this house like 2 months later for like $30,000 profit. So I was hooked, I was on a regular way to flipping to get revenue, but market crash, all that stuff… and I didn’t know about wholesale, so I’m like “Man, I need to guy some more inventory. So I’m thinking of ways to get money, to go buy more inventory and one thing leads to another, made a lot of money, lost it. That’s what I told you, I came about my mindset wasn’t right. And I ran into some friends, Justin and Jonathan, they were students of yours well, they still are, and I was telling them “men, I have an inventory issue, I got …you know, I can find buyers, I’m pretty good at doing that but I don’t have the properties, so they said “Man, you don’t have to…I have a mentor, he’s killing it out West, he gets like a piece of paper, gets signed contract, finds some buyer, gets the money, and gets away”. So I was like “dude, you know, it’s not true. I can’t do that”. They told me…I said “So you are telling me that I can get a piece of paper signed with a person who owns the property, market the contract, and a person wants to buy in and I get the in-between spread?” So they said yeah. So we decided “Let’s do it together”. So we started a little business and under year leadership now, keep in mind, they had given me access to unit, they are sharing with me. I don’t know, who you are or I don’t have… so we did our first deal, I had my buyers, we got some houses on contract, we made like $11 grand on our first deal in like 34 weeks, and so I’m telling my wife like “Babe, this is it, game over!” And so I came across, believe it or not, I listened to a guy named Eric Thomas, motivation, I was trying to get in my mind back, right, and you came across my email interviewing Eric Thomas, and so you was talking about, you probably don’t remember the interview, but you had a nice interview with him and I watched the whole thing and I put it two together and I was like “damn, I wanna this what they are talking about?” So, I went and I found you online, and you had this in PDF, your story, it wasn’t identical to mine, but it was like “dude, you went through the same thing! He kinda had a setback and, you know, all this stuff,” and I was like “So, you kinda went through the same information in your PDF. To where I took it, and I was like “you know what, babe, it’s so much juicer, I need more about the course”

Sean Terry:   Right

Bryan Harris:    And so when I bought the course Sean, it was just like: Oh my god, you had the contact, you had everything, like how to talk to the sellers, how to talk to the buyers, where to put signs and me, I was one of those guys, I used to play football.

Sean Terry:    Right, you are big dude.

Bryan Harris:    So I was like, you know, it has to be easy, right? So I’m like, just tell me what to do, I’ll do it, and I did it, man, and I put the deal together from a marketed online and I made like 3 or 4 thousands on my own, and then I made like 5 thousand, so it just started to happen every month, and so I said “babe, I’m a big thinker. I think we can do $100,000 a month”. And she’s like “you think so?” “Yeah, babe, we could do this!” And like one of those things that you just have in your mind, right, we kinda draw things to you. You said across another email, you emails are amazing, I think… about a 100K a month, how to take your business on the next level, and I was like “babe, he has another course” and she was like “buy it,” no questions asked, no matter the price. And so above the course and literally every single thing that I needed to know to go to the next level of making $100,000 a month from building a team, not just being me, cause that’s what happened, I was on the contracts, doing the marketing, doing the talks with buyers, etcetera. And it talked about how to build a team, how to get a VA, so that is what positions you are hired first, lead sources manager, how to do Goggle AdWords, I didn’t know how to do Google AdWords, I needed to be explained everything, but once again, somebody dropped a person in my lap and they handled my Google AdWords. So I gained them your format!

Sean Terry:   Right

Bryan Harris:    And so from this day we’ve extended…you talked about, and I’ve been talking about you all day long, man…you talked about having multiple lines like deep sea fishing, and the more lines that you have while you deep-sea fishing , you know, you gonna catch something, so we’ve been able to… with the money, with the label, with the profits, whatever you wanna call it, is a more marketing lines to attract more buyers in. We don t know which one’s gonna catch the debate today and tomorrow, but they all are hanging out, and from that, Sean, we’ve been able to successfully…First $100,000 we did was from a deal that we got off the Google AdWords. And we got house for below 20,000 or something like that, and it was valued at $50,000 thousand dollars, sounds unreal, I know… but the lady was about to lose her house for full closure, literally like in 3 weeks, and we got the deal, man, and a sold it…

Sean Terry:   What market, is this in Atlanta?

Bryan Harris:    I’m in Memphis, Tennessee.

Sean Terry:   Oh, Memphis. (both laugh)

Bryan Harris:   I got so much stuff I can say, man. Here is this other thing, you are 100K a month seller, let me say this. The other program was fine but I got 3 small boys, they eat a lot, they are like me, right. Me and my wife, you know, we love to travel, we love to do nice things, and so, going to that next level, even the training in, Extreme Freedom, people that you had there, man, I can go on and on. Coming to Extreme Freedom was the last-minute decision, I didn’t know about it, because I was, you know, busy. And Haein he is the student of yours, he told me about it. He said “you should come”. I said “no question about it”, I’m coming. We booked the flight out there, and training from extreme freedom, I actually use a lot of it to come back and train my staff … he brought us on stage and it was about the red, the green, the yellow, the blue. I can say from that information, we’ve upped our sales from being able to know the type of sale we’re dealing with, we’ve upped our contracts, that we’ve got from seller just by being able to build a better rapport with the seller that other, wholesaler, I don’t believe in the competition, but the other wholesaler was not doing, right. I talk too much, sorry.

Sean Terry:   No-no, you’re killing it. So, let’s for the people, so this $100,000, it came from one deal, it came from multiple different deals?

Bryan Harris:    Well, the second one, I mean, here’s the thing, we did $100,000 in couple of months, we did pretty nice numbers at, on and after it, but the first one, it was two deals that, you know, one we made $115,000, $80,000 of that was profit, we did another deal, I believe that month, first of, we did probably profit of total like $140,000, but it was a section of multiple deals. And here is the other thing that I wanted to say about 100K a month house selling, the follower, so it’s not like I went out there and got new deals that month, it was the follow-up system that we created from the mail chimp that you suggested, email campaigns, the Podio set up that followed up with the sellers, and when, I don’t know, when they got on a crunch and changed their mind, etc, but understanding who taught that, you know, one or two percent of sales are made on the first contact and so, understanding that no is not a right, it means that following up with them automated, and from there we took our business where we filled that…I was like, “guys, concentration, fill it up, fill it up, fill it up”, And we filled it up to where things started to squeeze through, so it seems that we have this explosive month, but this is from 6 or 7 months of activity ago.

Sean Terry:   It’s building, you know, every single month is step to the sell, and you have to, you have all those leads coming in to the top of the funnel and they are going through the sequences, follow ups and stuff, and then it just explodes, and it just kills it, okay, let’s talk about… Go ahead…

Bryan Harris:    I was gonna say that I talk to some people, you know, some people from Flips2Freedom, they ask questions, you know, they say “I’ getting so many no’s from sellers”. I would just say, you know, we hit this setting and this is frustrating, it’s very frustrating where nobody wants to accept your offer, my thing is juts to send them the offer anyway, just follows up with them, and I promise to you, the time they’ll come, that, you know, they’ll flow for your pipeline, just stuff it, stuff it till it pukes on you, right?

Sean Terry:   Yeah. The thing is in realizing… when you go from a brainy person, right, and they getting started, you are crossing fingers and you hope it works, right? And they just put some stuff out there and they hope to get lucky and they talk to somebody, and when you get to a certain position in this business, you realize that this is a numbers game, and everything comes down to numbers from the amount of leads that you get, the response rate on the marketing, how many post cards and letters, how many leads you got to get it, what your conversion ratio is, how to increase your conversion ratio. When you have all those numbers down, like yesterday we spent our entire day with my stuff going through our annual meeting for 2016, and we went through every single number and we figured out “okay, what can we do collectively as a team to bump this number by X amount”. And the amazing things that came out of that meeting of what we could do to kinda tweak little things, that was just amazing. So, you know, we are on track this year to have one of our biggest year ever and this is just by analyzing what we did and now looking at what we gonna be doing in the future, so from your standpoint looking at the numbers and kinda putting that together, getting that idea now if you have your business being built. So now you can have it and now you can see those numbers actually turning into revenue, where it becomes a consistent business model, so, your team right now, that you have, you went from a one-man type that you were doing in marketing, you were talking to people, talking to the stuck of your sellers, doing everything to now, where you started building your team. What’s your team look like?

Bryan Harris:    Okay, so, I’ll call them the MJ, each position, …I love basketball, I love football … I play it, but I love basketball, and so, the first person that we had, I’m gonna reach to one of the props. It’s a lead source manager, he’s a VA, and very good at banking, sending the contracts, you know, doing Podio, making sure no leads get left behind, setting the contracts to the title company, etcetera. So, his position is to be source leads, create shits if we need them, tedious things, that, you know, I don’t have time to do it anymore.

Sean Terry:   Boom!

Bryan Harris:    He does all of those things, his name is Jed. The next person is Josh, and that’s what, he keeps calling me. Josh is our seller acquisition, we call him MG seller acquisition, and he is the one that, you know, is good at building the rapport with the sellers, grabbing all of Google leads, the Bing leads that come through, the filter, people that call in from different ends, etcetera. He is the seller acquisition guy, he is the one who gets them agree to the number on the contacts.

Sean Terry: So, he goes out and meets with them, goes to the house, gets the contract and stuff like that?

Bryan Harris:    Gets the video, gets pictures of the property, he does that part too, gets the video and the pictures of the property, and gets on the same side as the seller. If they like you know Buddha, he likes Buddha (both laugh) you know stuff like that. And then the next person is Kyle, he’s a VA, so I have two VAs.

Sean Terry:   Cool!

Bryan Harris:    So Kyle is a VA and he does all of the marketing, so every morning and even during the weekday from some social media and from mail chimp, we use this service where… He does the marketing, he sits on a blast every morning, and even sometimes its redundant properties. Believe it or not, there is always somebody new in your pipeline you stuff with it.… and did see their property 3 weeks ago, and there’s anniversary, so he just consistently posts on Craigslist, social media, connective messages, everywhere you can think of…he is that person that I would do those things, it would be so time-consuming, but the consistency of doing it is the key and he does it every day. I can’t explain the value…

Sean Terry:   Oh, yeah!

Bryan Harris:    So, if you telling us to get a team… The last person is the disposition manager. So, every day Kyle calls to so many places for sellers, buyers…

Sean Terry:    Calls the company.

Bryan Harris:    The leads come in on the phone, so I would say, I love building the rapport with buyers, etcetera, but I didn’t have the time to pick up the phone. Every time the call comes to me, talk for 30 minutes, and we would talk about nothing, but I just wanna… and so she does that, and so she gets the percentage of the break downs, commissions, etc, because she builds the reports for the buyers which ends up turning into a sale later on and etce. So she is the disposition manager. And those are all my 4 positions, all my teams.

Sean Terry:   So you got 4 people there, ranking down the 2 VAs, how did you find those, did you find those through…?

Bryan Harris:    Here is a company called Aides…

Sean Terry:   Oh, Aides, yeah, yeah.

Bryan Harris:    And they are absolutely phenomenal, they come pretty… I would say…let me explain this, about my VAs, they came trained about real estate, but you feel that you have to do your part by… like I did a lot of tutorials, I have a whole page of tutorials for each position that I personally did with my enthusiasm, letting them know who I am, etcetera, and what I expect from that position, “you have any questions? Suggestion? Let me know.” And what we do, Sean, but we got them from Aides, but they still need to be spoken to with communicating on the daily basis. So throughout the day, just like a regular person, so what I did because I’ve heard people say that they don’t have the best experiences with VAs, but you have to recognize, what your specific VA is good at and what you are gonna sign them to. So what I did to combat that is immediately, cause I’m a Facebook guy, I love Facebook messenger, etc., I created my team inside of the group in Facebook. And so throughout the day everybody on the core to one heartbeat, communicating with each other throughout the day through this Facebook messenger, everything is private at least to be talked about. Yeah, we get e-mail or whatever but now everybody knows what’s going on, you have a question you can ask, that way you can make sure that you can get full 100% effective work out of your VA, because of course, they are thousands of miles away from you, you can’t “hey, what’s ya doing now?” You can’t do that…

Sean Terry:   Right…Check out slack.com, we got our whole entire team off of email and we put everything thorough slack, so it’s a communication tool, it’s like an online-chat that categorizes everything, you have different channels, there is instant message between, private messages. And it has an iPhone App that is great, it’s on the desktop, it’s good for invert or whatever, it’s really cool, you put the whole team to it… We went out to like a team-building dinner and we went to this place called “the Escape room” where you all get in this room and you have an hour to break all these clues to get these keys to escape the room, right, it’s pretty cool.

Bryan Harris:    Yeah.

Sean Terry:   Se we’re all on there and going through some stuff, but it’s fun, after it everyone is so grateful, they’re all talking about how awesome it is, what bless we had, so it’s really cool, it kinda brings everyone together. And we have different channels for each company and stuff like that. So check out “slack”, you might like it. So people are thinking “okay, hundred thousand dollars a month”, that seems unreachable for them, how the heck they do it… so, let’s talk about the marketing channels that for you that creates that hundred thousand a month, so let’s talk about the marketing first. What channels are you nailing? I heard you to say Goggle AdWords.

Bryan Harris:    Yeah, so, before I started Google AdWords, let’s say, so I guess get to a hundred thousand dollars a month… You know, my Google AdWords, budget wasn’t the way I wanted it to be, right? So, what I did the first was…every night…the things I’m gonna tell you probably gonna sound insane or crazy, right? But you gotta be a little off, right? Every night I would, in my market, I would email on e-mail for Zillow.com, and I would write every owner in the area that I have buyers for my office there, asking thousands… I would e-mail them “Oh, I wanna offer you $10,000 cash that I can close this week. In my mind, that’s how I analyze it, the ones that responded and said “no, I can’t take $10,000, but can you come a bit closer?” That gets motivation to me, so I would entertain them, some people are like “you’re crazy, you’re nuts”, etcetera, you know, with their respond, but there wasn’t respond… and so from there I would get, you know, good solid deals, hey, if I give one for something that didn’t cost any money, I can use that money to upgrade my market, so that was one thing that helped me to start off.

Sean Terry:   Super smart. Guys that are listening, that’s the golden tip. There people right now that don’t have any marketing money, they are broke, they’re just getting by, they are thinking “what can I do?”, that was a golden tip that I haven’t heard from anybody doing it, so kudos to you, man, that’s awesome.

Bryan Harris:    Right, thanks, man. And so from there I was able to take that money and I would say I easily brought in 15-20 grand and so from that I took money, to okay, I need to do Google AdWords, not that because he said this will go. So, all right, and so I did the Goggle AdWords campaign. Now, here is the thing, I didn’t get instant results from Google AdWords… I mean I got clicks, I got leads, I spent my money, but it was another line that I had out there. So, in the meantime I posted on Facebook like…I made like 4-6 posts an hour on Facebook, and so from there, form your trading we created a…what we call, it’s not an actual pay , we call it HFTAK affiliate, these are people that are bird-dogs, and they would go out and find people who wanna sell their houses, they will drive around, get work, and they’ll submit this on the form, we have that form on our site, where they’ll submit the properties zone, from there I actually got a deal that I’m a… I wanna say like $30,000 from a bird-dog in a nutshell.

Sean Terry:   Wow

Bryan Harris:    So we built up that big organization of people, we have a little group on Facebook product for affiliate, but a bird-dog, but where… they put their deals in here, it goes into Podio, so that was free advertising, what do I mean, I’ll only have to pay them when I…

Sean Terry:   Get a deal, right

Bryan Harris:    Right! So that was another …So I was thinking of the free ways that I see to start off, form that I said “Okay, I’m gonna do bing” So I did bing, so now I probably get chance to ask for this but…I don’t do mailers and…

Sean Terry:   Really?!

Bryan Harris:    No, I haven’t done mail, I don’t do them but, here is my thing… I know I should, but I’ll take where it was, when we attempted the mailers, I guess they were trying that we gonna do it. So when we attempted the mailers, that was like when they would call in and they would say, you know “What do you want off the… with the Google Aids?”, my seller acquisition guy, he loves Goode Aids, he’s in a power position “you contacted us, so this is what I’ll give you, and there more going to except that and except that”…

Sean Terry:   I agree 100%. Totally, you are actually right.

Bryan Harris:    So we don’t do mailers, man

Sean Terry:   Oh, my Gosh… Okay. You’d be blowing to 2-3 grand a month

Bryan Harris:    If we are talking about our team goals. Like we are doing more our money on meetings, thanks to you, we are trying, and everyone had the same quote “we have our vision, everything we say, everybody knows…” But this is million dollars a month, man, it is the team goal, you know, everybody gets bonuses and stuff like that. Money is good, everybody is looks at us for the outside, but to us it’s like 10% of what we wanna be…

Sean Terry:   Yeah, 10% away exactly, I agree (both laugh) I’m right there with ya, that’s exactly what our meeting was like. What we gonna do with a million a month, right? And people right now are going like “This guy is insane, million a month…”

Bryan Harris:    I know. You have to be…

Sean Terry:   Yeah, why not? If you screw up, you need to do half a million a month, then you are killing it. So that is killer, so those your different channels that you currently using right now, any bandit signs and…

Bryan Harris:    Now for buyers, we don’t do ban signs for sellers, we do ban the signs for buyers, opposed to one in the group, Flip2Freedom group, yesterday actual sign that I used, I got it from very cheap sign’s people that you recommend, it has the asking price, and it has what I think property been worth. Now here’s this thing …I didn’t say it as an opposed, but sometimes, I don’t know if I’m gonna look funny but sometimes I don’t have that property available anymore, right? So it may be worth for $100,000 and I’m selling it for 40, but when they call, I get their name, number, e-mail… and I so I have a database to follow up with them, so when I do get a problem when I’m looking for work… And we put them where you suggested… I’m telling you, you should probably charge a million dollars for your course, because you are giving away million dollars information! We put the signs, I have a video that I did for my team on where to put the signs on a map or right after interstate for buyers, and so we get seemingly what they call impressions, from people on the weekend that drive by and see our signs, and we put up the local buyers out of the market.

Sean Terry:   Awesome

Bryan Harris:    There are a lot of people in the city, in your city too, and everywhere that have money under their mattresses, or they just got money from a lottery win or whatever…

Sean Terry:   Yeah, by $20,000 house that throw the rent like $600 a month, man. That’s a cash flow

Bryan Harris:    So, if your buyers are small that’s great way to build up your buyers list, and once you find the buyers, all you got to do is go to show, your demand becomes, you know, insane.

Sean Terry:   Right, oh yeah, absolutely.

Bryan Harris:    Oh, so we added this one this week, I just paid for a radio advertisement for buyers, not for sellers, but for buyers because of taxes, so a lot of those people have cash on hands that can buy this low price deals in Memphis. We are able to market them, on talk show radio, I guess that’s the key, so like people ears are already glued and listening for information and they listen to music, listen to talk show, so as our advertisement comes on. That was a good one that we just recently added there, works pretty good too.

Sean Terry:   That’s killer, so you got talk show radio going and attracting some buyers. So had you guys have your annual meeting yet done with your team?

Bryan Harris:    Yeah, we did one, actually one of my sale acquisition guy, he was out doing video and pictures of properties on January, 1st. I was like “Dude, this is amazing, your wife is gonna kill me…”

Sean Terry:   It’s a hustle one…

Bryan Harris:    We made one that we got that week, and whenever the company goes, we have an amazing, I like to use the word killer, we have a killer December which is very strong, man. And I just want to keep the moment going and things… Here’s one thing that you talk about gonna over in meetings, but we went over the annual meeting, some of the issues that we have was with our sellers, they worried, if they had tendencies in the property, we had issues with getting back inside the properties because they don’t wanna to give us the key access and etcetera. So we created, I learned that at Extreme Freedom, we should have implemented it sooner…

We created a packet, I think Brandon talked about this or Jerry Bell, we created a packet to where it goes over the information about the team, our process, etc. So Josh is going out with sellers now. So we have predetermined times to build the properties…if they don’t give us key access. And also out processes, which really educates the seller, and I’ll tell you another thing that you said, it takes us here in the mind of the seller because other people aren’t doing it, they just make an offer and moving on, but hey, we take our time to educate about our process.

Oh, one other thing I didn’t mention, I could talk all day, Sean… is our closing attorney. They were doing wholesale deals prior to us, but the vibe that they were able to brain, they’ve actually assigned a specific closing agent to my team, for our faults, so when our faults come, they would come through the system a lot faster and I won’t say that’s a part of our position as well, it’s just not on our payroll…

Sean Terry:   So, may I ask you? We’ve got a bunch of people that are listening right now… So what is one takeaway, one thing that is the most impactful thing that made the biggest shift in your business to allow you to break from where you were to a $100,000 a month now and growing, you know? Now with a future with looking at a million dollars, what is one thing, one nugget, one gold chunk that you can give them that you say could be a game changer for them?

Bryan Harris:    Besides the obvious of… And I don’t wanna sound like the teacher’s pet, right? But besides the obvious of getting your course and learning…I got a couple… I know that importance of having a mentor or this is what I look at you like a mentor, all you have to do is to backtrack where they’ve been and follow it. So besides that obvious is I’m big on magnetizing your brain.

Sean Terry:   Oh, okay, good

Bryan Harris:    Every morning that I wake up when I’m not at the destination or the goal where I wanna be I create on my phone an MP3 and I speak from the place where I want to be. And is if I’m already living those desires or experiencing those desires, not I’m going to get but I have such as…and I listen to it. That sounds crazy…

Sean Terry:   No, no, it’s not crazy! I’m right there with you, man!

Bryan Harris:    And I play it over and over and over until I live it, and so to other people it seems like “Wow! How did you do it to be…?” I’ve been doing it for “wow” and so to me it’s like “Okay, it was already done” You know, I’m just pretty much waiting on everybody else to see the effect, so I play it over and over like a crazy man, I don’t listen to the radios when I get in the car, I don’t watch a TV, I put those things in my ear and now at weekends I’m giving myself a break…

Sean Terry:   From hearing yourself… Okay, so, let me ask you a question, why do you think that works?

Bryan Harris:    Well, I think…I believe in God and I believe I’m a Christian, and I guess not to be scientific but it’s all scripture, you know, not to go religious on your show, Sean…

Sean Terry:   Hey, hey, I’m a Christian and I’m religious, you know me…

Bryan Harris:    Right, but I mean scripture literally speaks about as, let me see… whatsoever you desire when you pray, believe that you reviving, so the only way to develop faith that only known method to develop the faith, it’s…so for the evidence of the things…so the only known way or method to develop faith is to literally repeat to the brain to the subconscious mind something over and over again until you have without the shadow of a doubt to believe for. So faith comes by hearing and hearing and hearing. But why does it work? One, because it’s a biblical principle and I think… ET talks about this, as a lot of things but when you pretty much run off the principles, that applies to an unjust person as well as adjust person the scripture says, he runs on the unjust as well as on adjust. When you apply the principle of how to induce faith, you brain… I don’t know what it is but I’ll say what this, it’s kind of like this phone… I learned this the other day…

Sean Terry:   Right there with ya.

Bryan Harris:    This lady I know, she owned a cell phone company back in the 90s and she told me this…she said: Bryan, every cell phone (this may be a game change) every cell phone has what they call a “freq” number. And “freq” is short for frequency. So every cell phone has the frequency in the ether, so when you’re calling to that number, it’s dialing it to a frequency, so I’m saying “you can do the same thing with your brain.”

Sean Terry:   Right

Bryan Harris:    You can dial it to a frequency mentally, if your cell phone can do it, your brain can do it.

Sean Terry:   Which is a lot more power than a cell phone, right.

Bryan Harris:    Right! So why does that principle work, Sean. My thing is I don’t know, but if I believe enough to talk on this, or to talk while I’m talking on Skype, I can definitely believe that my brain could do the same thing.

Sean Terry:   That’s interesting you say it’s a biblical principle, which is absolutely, which is paramount, but also to… in Think and Grow Rich, which references biblical principles, in there it talks about how to induce faith… and part of inducing faith is through autosuggestion, autosuggestion as by repeating over and over, and it’s interesting case, you know, I talk about January letter, so I write that January letter in the month of January 2016, but you put your place as if you are in 2017 in your document what happened in 2016. And what I do is with my phone as I go through and I record myself as if it’s already happened, and I say that enthusiastic and when I go to bed, I put my earphones in my ears and I go to sleep with myself talking to me of exactly what’s 2016 gonna look like and you know, what happens, is, you know, when I first write it down, I was like “how the heck is that gonna happen? How am I gonna tie that much money, how I’m gonna get that, how I’m gonna do that…?” And you don’t have all that “how to” specifics but you put it out there, all of a sudden, the right people line up, the right circumstances, the leads come it, the things come in, the ideas come about, the opportunities come about and it’s amazing to see what happens, you know. And for someone that doesn’t study success or the mind or stuff like that is foreign to them, you know, but the bottom line is that if you look at successful people, what there comes, what they do, you know, these are all commonalities that they have these traits, these common traits, they can grow into their behavior achieving success which is a killer. So I’m right there, I think you nailed that on the head, for the big “Uh-huh” thing that they can take away because everything else we are talking about going on Zillow, or setting up an address, campaign, or hiring the right people and stuff, those are all technical sides, the other side of the coin is you and what you bring to the table, and I think that’s incredibly important. So, okay, real quick, what’s your favorite book that you ready right now?

Bryan Harris:    I’m reading Neville Goddard.

Sean Terry:   Really?!

Bryan Harris:    Yeah, “Seedtime Harvest.” I have it in audible and I play it … yes, several different books that I’ve been reading, and this is the one that I’m on right now. I love that guy, he’s actually one of those who talked about the mind, how to magnetize the mind, etcetera, and I guess when I’m in a…I call it, wife knows, I call it manifestation mode, I listen to all of the things that support my belief system and how the mind works. In addition to playing myself over and over again…

Sean Terry:   Okay, now, your first hour in the morning, what does it look like?

Bryan Harris:    First hour in the morning I’m lying in a bed… Here’s the thing, I don’t get my day started until 11 o’clock, I’m a night owl, so I stay up late, so when I wake up in the morning, I lay in bed for like probably first ten minutes, and, of course, I’m playing my thing, and then I visualize how I work my day to go out, and once I do that, I check… so that I don’t get any crazy messages or emails, I do that, because, you know, I guess I don’t like going into the day not controlling it per say. And so I check my messages, and I greet the team in the messenger, there is a voice thing that you could press in the messenger and I give them the daily “What’s up, guys! It’s your boy, B!” Something crazy like this, so they look for those messages and there’s like…You can do it only a minute at a time, but I do like 3 minute, like a text “Hey, Josh, do such, such and such”, you know, makes you do this, etc., and I give them the heartbeat of the day. And let them know “Hey, today we need to focus on this, so we can be one step closer to such and such..”

Sean Terry:   And it’s an app you kinda use? Is it an App?

Bryan Harris:    The Messenger app on the Facebook.

Sean Terry:   Oh, messenger on Facebook. I got you, cool. Perfect.

Bryan Harris:    So once I do that, I check my e-mails or any messages from specific buyer that buff me all the time, and I start the day, man. Sometimes I can stay in the house and work from the computer, sometimes I can just go out and play a little bit until something is needed for me and I can check on my business for my phone, but I work, I work really hard! And then I go to the title company…me and my wife, we are friends with all of the ladies there, so I go there and play with them, mess with them outside…

Sean Terry:   That’s cool to be able to control your life to where you can have complete free time and do what you want with who you want and when you want and how you want and have a built team that is generating ridiculous amounts of money… which is cool. Okay, so, tell me about your family.

Bryan Harris:    Amazing! I have a beautiful wife Maria Harris, she’s amazing, she banged through it all with me which is absolutely amazing from the worst to the best, to the worst to the best, you know, and she is go-getter as well. She stays at home with the boys. My boys are actually in private school. I have a 7 years old, a 6 years old and a 2 year old, who stays at home.

Sean Terry:   Wow, okay…

Bryan Harris:    My 7 years old loves basketball, he’s a big guy, like me, thick. He loves basketball, but he has a football body, so I’m trying, you know, put him in that too… But he’s a genius though, I think he has like a photographic memory, he is like an a ce at school.

Sean Terry:   Really?

Bryan Harris:    He just signed up for chess the other day. You know, I wanted him to play football, but he signed up for chess. And he pretty much has is down…

Sean Terry:   Oh, serious. That’s not an easy game, really.

Bryan Harris:    Oh, he’s very creative, he’s an artistic smaller guy, and if he’s not being Alexander…something is wrong with him. He is one of those guys, like all over the place. And the beautiful thing, you can kind of see each of their personality from me and my wife, and my 2 year old…it’s all like me came together and made these little people, and I’m telling you, he is a mixture of all of us. He is like bossy, comes around everybody and tells us what to do. And that’s my world. My life is my boys and my wife, man. I live for them and I have 2 of the most amazing parents, they are still together after all this time…

Sean Terry:   That’s awesome.

Bryan Harris:    My dad’s in the 70s, my mom is in her… right about to be 60. He was kind of, you know, cougar town there…

Sean Terry:   Yeah, just a little.

Bryan Harris:    Amazing…you know, it’s all the right things in me, Christianity, God, belief, love, and I have 2 amazing sisters as well, they both are married with kids, etcetera, and…but I mean, that’s my family, man, that’s me. I’m a big family guy, I like everybody to come over for the holidays, in the night, you know, “let’s go out of town or whatever” That’s me.

Sean Terry:   Yeah, me too, we made our house into the hub where all my daughter’s friends come over and they all hanging out, all watching movies, all sleeping over, it’s like a hub, like a party house where everybody want to be at, that’s cool. Awesome. All right, so, now there are people listening and they are still kind of on the fence of “should I do it or should I not do it…” What would you leave…what would be the last words, as we are finishing up here, what would be your last words you wanna leave them that could inspire them to take the action, take the next step?

Bryan Harris:    Okay. So if you’d be me year and a half ago and you’re going on the internet, you are looking for something, you’re looking for the next day and if you come across Sean Terry…and I get a lot of inboxes too, by the way, like people “oh should I listen to Sean Terry?” “Dude, what are you thinking for!” The thing is, if you come across the information that is given in the many Podcasts and the PDFs is overwhelming amount of information that you can take in just kind of find, look and say “wow, it’s…”, that information is here and this…you know, it has to be more taken to the next level by the courses, that’s how I looked at it. You know, my thing is I wasn’t where I really wanted to be, not to say that like I was bussed and discussed or anything, but it’s like I wanna to be a new for something that I can go towards, but I mean that the person got it. Now, here’s the thing and I will say this too. That doesn’t mean that, you know, I’m picking up the phone, calling Sean, that information in the tutorials, dude… It’s just like “be the sponge”, and he is right there teaching…literally, he’s open up his brain, pouring into this videos and given it to you, the thing is just apply the information what you want, get the course…once you get it, apply the information, here’s the other thing about answer. You know, they have support groups, etcetera, in the Flip2Fredom, and your frame…wholesaling group… A lot of these are same motivated people that have the success as well, you can ask questions and they’ll answer literally like a heartbeat in the second. And so, if you have a question about …that’s gonna be somebody who’s one of these groups. If not, Flip2Freedom team responses and answers your questions, you know, right away, which I think is ingenious if you ask me, because everybody is meeting together, these groups want the same goal, so, I would say get started, buy it immediately and if he listens to me, he’ll charge for it… you know, so it is worth every penny, let’s just say we spent 1500 or 2000, I can’t remember what it is, but whatever it is, is you spend it, you know, one deal, you will do that, if you’re average in $3, 4, 5, 7000 a deal, and I wanna say this, you think about training your buyers to what your margin is, you know, you can accept smaller and guess what, they’ll pay smaller. But when you establish what it is, that you want to make on each deal upfront, and that’s your spread. When they see your spread, it is what it is, you know, and it’s still the deal, you are training your buyer, so don’t accept the lowest amount just because, you know, it’s low, go for the gusto, make it a deal, make it win-win for everybody, but go for the gusto.

Sean Terry:   That is smart. Cool. All right, so, anyone who is listening and wants to buy properties from Bryan in Memphis, Tennessee, looking for some deals, looking for some wholesale deals out there, if you gonna look for properties or make a deal out there…

Bryan Harris:    Yeah, I’ll give you the site, our site is www.homesfor10k.com like a little genius moment over there… You can go there and click on “buy homes” and see if you can fill out the form and get on the list, you’ll get a phone call from us or you can e-mail us for info at homes for 10k.com . Check out our deals, man, we got a lot of…we get about 3 or 4 deals a week.

Sean Terry:   Let me think about it. You can buy a 10-30-40 thousands house and instead of putting it in stock market which is getting crushed right now, put 30 thousand dollars in that, put it there, something for $600 bucks a month, you’ll get little cash going, if it’s some great property, get some tax benefit for it. It’s perfect. So, definitely go to the site homes for 10k.com, I’ll link that up or everybody. And awesome, dude, that’s been an absolute pleasure, it was great meeting ya in Phoenix out here then, it was a bless, we had so much fun on there, it was a good time. And thank you so much for your time, you are an exemplary of actually execution following it and going out and getting results, I can’t wait to see when you gonna be in the future, that’s gonna be killer. So, rock the house, you gonna kill it, man, so, I appreciate your time, thank you.

Bryan Harris:    Thank you, Sean, so much.

Sean Terry:   Okay, amazing job, Bryan, you rocked the house, I appreciate that, thank you so much for being on and sharing your story with the Flip2Freedom family here. So if you want more from us, go to Flip2Freedom.com, download that book for free, learn about wholesaling and get started. We’re having that live webinars coming up on where you can check out. I actually get on with you live, right, and I’ll go through on the site here flip2freedom.com See where you can register for the live webinar, go there and I can be on with you, answering all your questions, going thorough specifically how to go out and get your first check and it will change your life, just like it did for Bryan and the others. So go to flip2freedom.com. And we’ll see you soon, take care, God bless.

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