Should Wholesaling CEOs Really Work From Home?

Should Wholesaling CEOs Really Work From Home?

Is working from home really the best move for wholesaling CEOs, or do the secret pitfalls of home working beg for investors to find another alternative?

Besides the incredible wealth and easy entry one of the top reasons so many choose to get into wholesaling properties is the freedom it offers. This not only means the freedom to travel and set your own schedule, but to be able to work from the comfort and convenience of home too.

So what could possibly be bad about working from home? Home-working, remote working and telecommuting has certainly evolved beyond being a hot trend to becoming the status quo for a large percentage of workers in many industries and for the largest corporations down to independent sales people.

However, even though the SBA reports that over 50% of U.S. small businesses are home based and many more work from home for larger companies that doesn’t mean that it comes without any issues or challenges.

In fact the SBA specifically suggests entrepreneurs like wholesaling CEOs to ask themselves to contemplate their ability to effectively separate work from home, create a structured schedule and how the isolation can negatively impact their businesses.

Those wholesaling CEOs that live alone or that have sizable homes with separate home offices may not find they have a hard time with most aspects of this compared to those with stay at home spouses and children. However, the isolation can still be a major factor, even if it isn’t recognized.

Isolation isn’t just about feeling isolated. It’s really about being cut off from critical interaction and information. The internet is an incredible, vast database of information that offers an immense amount of data and educational material for wholesaling CEOs. However, the vastness of this data can also often work against real estate investors.

It makes it hard to pinpoint the most valuable and applicable metrics and statistics and to differentiate what is really working and what isn’t, as well as keeping wholesaling CEOs cut off from emerging trends on the street and in a bubble.

This isn’t to say that all real estate investors ought to go rushing out to splurge on a full office or burden themselves with additional overhead, but it does mean that they should seriously way the pros and cons of home based working, and one way or the other make sure that they get out and get engaged with the real world and other professionals.

For some this may just be spending an hour a Starbucks a day to listen into the buzz on the street. For others it could be attending weekly networking events. Though many are finding that joining local social or shared working spaces, at least on a part time basis offers a great solution that keeps them tapped into trends and provides a more productive working environment.

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