Tax Time Best Time for Wholesaling Properties?

Tax Time Best Time for Wholesaling Properties?

Is tax time the best time of the year for wholesaling properties?

Is this the time to reel in and pull back wholesaling marketing efforts or kick them into high gear?

Many real estate investors might think that everyone else is too busy worrying about filing taxes or are in a cash crunch trying to come up with the usurious amounts the IRS is asking for at this time of year, but that isn’t the case for millions of Americans. In fact, in addition to enjoying the beginning of the traditional spring home buying season tax time is actually one of the very best times of year for wholesaling properties for a variety of reasons.

For a start there are a lot more people spending a lot more time out on the road at this time of year. That can bring more hits on bandit signs and open houses as well as people to mingle with from the post office to tax preparer’s offices. You might even find purposely waiting to file your taxes on the 15th one of your best networking days of the year with hordes of prospects all ready to spark a conversation; complaining about taxes and looking for ideas on how to save for next time.

Of course whether they are paying and are bitter about it, or receiving a huge tax refund you can help them minimize taxes and make more money by investing with you. They can lower taxes and increase investment returns through self-directed IRAs and buying property from you or loan money for your acquisitions, or both.

Then there are the masses out there eagerly awaiting millions of dollars in tax refunds. This creates one of the busiest spending seasons of the year, especially for high ticket price items like real estate.

Even average income earners seem to be flush with checks for $10,000 or more. Some will purposely be shopping for a home. Those eyeing other toys can be helped to see how they could use it to buy a new home for themselves instead or even better invest in income real estate and let the profits pay for their toys, and go on producing for years to come.

So, it really is time to roll out the big guns for those wholesaling properties. Stake the signs, print the newspaper ads, post the direct mail, unleash an online advertising blitz, blog on it, craft articles, use press releases and more.

Partner with tax preparers, accountants, attorneys, financial advisers and planners and create incredibly powerful strategic referrals networks that go on producing year after year.

Consistency in budgeting for marketing is important but the advanced stagger it for occasions and seasons like this, and make sure to set a budget for cultivating the new connections and relationships they make to get the most out of them for the long run and enjoy an ever improving marketing ROI, lower lead cost and higher profits year after year.

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