The 4 Hour Work Week in Action: Wholesaling Houses Full Time

The 4 Hour Work Week in Action: Wholesaling Houses Full Time

Fans of the best seller from Tim Ferriss, The 4 Hour Work Week, will find wholesaling houses full time the perfect way to implement its ideas and achieve their dream lifestyles. However, there are a few critical factors that are essential for making this work that Tim doesn’t cover.

Is a 4 Hour Work Week Really Attainable?

For those flipping houses, a 4 hour work week is absolutely doable. Real estate investors are some of the highest paid individuals on the planet when you break it down by the hour and it really doesn’t take many labor hours to flip a home once you have it down.

Many become so passionate about real estate investing and are so eager to go bigger and faster that they choose wholesaling houses full time and put in as many hours as they can.

Of course considering much of their time may be spent networking over lavish lunches and at cocktail parties or simply checking out fabulous luxury homes, this isn’t really even work by most people’s standards anyway.

The Keys to Achieving a 4 Hour Work Week

When it comes to permanently exiting the rat race and nose diving off the corporate ladder into wholesaling houses full time, there are 3 essential factors for achieving a reduced work schedule without going broke.

  1. Utilizing a proven system for flipping houses fast
  2. Starting as you mean to finish (in terms of hours and tasks)
  3. Having a great team

Where the ‘4 Hour Work Week’ Flops

The incredibly popular book and blog on the 4 hour work week have been inspirational to many and have literally started a new type of industrial revolution. However, while the ideas and principals may be great when it comes to putting it in practice, many have failed miserably and have only found frustration when it comes to outsourcing and team building.

It is certainly possible to begin wholesaling houses full time alone and never bring in any help, but that will certainly mean never enjoying truly passive income or the best benefits real estate investing has to offer. At a minimum, you are going to want a couple of virtual assistants and most will be wise to have an entire team to handle everything so that the business is essentially on autopilot.

However, despite what some authors have written, hiring $1 an hour virtual assistants for everything isn’t always as productive or smart as it is made out to be. Certainly $1 an hour overseas remote workers can be found, they just aren’t always ideal for what investors need done.

As with any business, when it comes to real estate, it is those who have the best talent on their side that win and stay ahead of the competition. Don’t underestimate this fact or you may find your success short lived and the hours you put in getting longer and longer instead of the other way around.

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