The Future of Wholesaling Marketing for Investors

The Future of Wholesaling Marketing for Investors

What is the future of wholesaling marketing for real estate investors?

Winning in business and real estate investing and staying in the lead is all about staying on the forefront of marketing and trends. So what’s ahead for wholesaling marketing and how can you use it to your advantage?

Phone hacking scandals have been a staple in the news over the last few weeks. However, they don’t just involve conspiracy theories or stories of real estate companies being hammered with $500,000 plus phone bills as their lines are taken over. One of the biggest stories of the month surrounds what the ACLU calls “scary” collection of information on users.

Phone companies are now compiling all of the mass of data they are able to extract on users and are packaging it into marketing and advertising information and products for businesses. They know where people are, all of their demographic and personal information, their habits and what they are talking about.

This delivers exhaustive information for laser targeting wholesaling marketing campaigns. Now consider how comprehensive this can be if scrubbed against and overlaid with credit bureau data, trigger lead signals and of course the latest in mobile tracking and ad capabilities from Facebook and Google.

Essentially, before long real estate business owners will be able to hone in on local home buyers, sellers, renters and private lenders just when they are looking for assistance and be able to serve up a barrage of highly targeted multimedia ads in their path. Imagine being out on the house hunt and having billboards, mobile ads, in car advertisements and text messages about a certain property or company served up right in your face, perhaps even literally with the adoption of Google Glass.

Then consider how difficult it will be for any competitors to get noticed if they aren’t wired into to the public like this.

Of course some of these elements may not yet be within reach of or be able to be coordinated effectively by many real estate investors. So what works today, right now, if you aren’t a total geek and don’t have a massive marketing budget? How about Google Adwords, blogging, direct mail, display advertising, print and simply networking and trading referrals?

You might need leads right now and have to action on some wholesaling marketing that can produce immediate results on a budget, but keep your eyes on the long game to reach your maximum potential and boost ROI.

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