F2F 085: The Great Escape: First Ever Podcast Reality Show with Eric Thiele [01]

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The Great Escape: The First Ever Podcast Reality Show with Eric Thiele.

In this first ever episode you be introduced to Eric Thiele a full time computer consultant from Chicago that is a new real estate investor.  His quest is to gain control of his chaotic life and live the life to freedom by flipping properties in his spare time.

Eric has never completed a wholesale real estate transaction but you’ll listen as  I guide Eric through the processes by giving him assignments to follow and complete.  You’ll here the good bad and ugly about his quest for success.

Eric’s First Assignment:

1. Find a licensed Realtor with an NAID registration.

2. Have the Realtor pull all the cash transaction that have closed in the last 120 days.

3. Attend a local forecloser auction and network with buyers.

4. Attend a real estate club meeting and network with other wholesaler, fix & flippers and landlords.

5. Ask for a referral from other members on an experienced closing agent in the area.

This has never been done before and you are going to learn a ton by following along with Eric and his progress.

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