Part I: Discover The “HOW TO” Mechanics of a NO Money, NO Credit, NO Funding Wholesale Transaction that will Net YOU $5,700 or More In 30 Days or Less…

Discover the Specific Details of a NO Money, NO Credit, NO Funding Wholesale Deal

Tyler Weitz shares how he got started not knowing anything about real estate he discovered the concept of “wholesaling” by reading my free book and then decided to give it a try.  It took him six months to get his first deal, and from then he was off to the races. He made over $130,000 first full year, $170,000 his second year and now he’s killing it.

Thank’s Tyler!!

Here’s what else we covered:

1. I shared a recent deal we just closed that made us a $22K profit. I show you the house, the contract we used,
where the lead came from, the closing documents for buying and selling. I even showed you HOW we made the $22K using NO credit, NO Funding.

2. I explain a NEW CHEAP list source we use to get HIGHLY motivated sellers. I bring you into the website and show you how to compile one of the most profitable lists you can mail, and how to compile it.  I also give you FREE access to my mail house. (you’ll love this…)

3. I give you my BEST mailing pieces for FREE. I show you HOW to upload the list to my mail house and press send
and your mail drops within days.

4. I also shared my “Super Seller Script” and explain EXACTLY what to say and why. And I’ll show you HOW to book and appointment.

5. Finally, I shared how to do all this on a very limited budget working very part time around your JOB. I’ll show you how you can do this working only 3-5 hours a week.

After watch this you have a complete understanding on how to get your phone to ring with motivated sellers and know exactly what to say.

Here’s FREE access to my AB Purchase Contract, My BC Contract, and my Super Seller Script.

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Here is PART II: Discover the EXACT Amount to Offer Using Zillow, How to LOGICALLY Present the Offer & How to Get the Contract Signed So You Can Make $5,700 Or More in 30 Days or Less…



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