The IRS Is Watching Your Wholesaling Social Media Marketing

The IRS Is Watching Your Wholesaling Social Media Marketing

It’s tax time again and it’s one of the least favorite times of the year for many real estate investors. However, this year it is set to be even more of a challenge for those trying to get ahead financially with the IRS going on the offense…

Many new real estate investors are getting into wholesaling and are just starting to market themselves after several years of tough economic times. This is there shot to turn it all around for themselves and their families.

However, many of them haven’t filed federal income tax returns for years, some owe the IRS, others just face challenges with filing on time or coming up with payments due this year. With the 2013 filing deadline advancing rapidly on April 15th there isn’t much time left for these individuals to get it done.

For many real estate investing and wholesaling in particular is their only way to get back on track, get ahead and enjoy a fresh start and bright future, especially with employment in the U.S. down to a measly 63%.

However, before you go wild telling everyone about your plans to start flipping houses, starting marketing or even boasting of your successes you need to know what the IRS is planning for you this year. and Fox News coverage just unveiled that the IRS plans to be watching your social media this year and stalking the Facebook and Twitter accounts of many Americans. They want to know what you are up to, where you are and whether your claims match what is really going on in your life. If they don’t they’ll find you via GPS on your mobile phone and flag you for audit.

If you have issues with taxes or even expect minor challenges with filing and paying them this year recognize that the IRS will be on your back and that it is better to work it out now before you are making the big bucks and they want it all.

It might not be a fun prospect but acting now can eliminate a lot of pain later on. Providing you are attempting to work with the IRS they say on their website that it is unlikely they will take severe adverse action such as garnishing wages, tapping out bank accounts or filing tax liens against homes and on credit reports.

So whether simply filing an extension, negotiating an ‘offer in compromise’ or applying for a payment plan is your best move get on it quickly, so that you can get back to making real money and make sure you don’t miss out on this incredible time for investing in real estate.

Then blow up the social-sphere with your wholesaling marketing and enjoy the rewards…

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