The Number One Reason Wholesaling CEOs Fail

The Number One Reason Wholesaling CEOs Fail

Why do real estate companies fail and how do their executives consistently drop the ball and bring it all crashing down? There is one consistent root issue that affects the green solo investor and the ultra-successful wholesaling CEO alike and kills great real estate investment businesses even in great times.

What is it?


It can take a can do attitude and confident headstrong spirit to push into real estate investing, never mind battling the daily arrows to build a hugely profitable business and become a successful wholesaling CEO.

Unfortunately, when that success comes and things are going well the ego tends to inflate way out of proportion. You should be pleased with what you have accomplished and enjoy the rewards. However, too much ego can lead to an array of business crippling behaviors…

Forgetting What Works

One of the most central issues this breeds is simply forgetting what works and beginning to go off on new tangents and make up new rules that contradict the path that was working. Sadly, most wholesaling CEOs don’t even recognize that they are doing it.

Obsession with the Wrong Metrics

One of the symptoms of the above is becoming obsessed with the wrong metrics. This removes focus from the greater vision and goals and leads to all types of critical mistakes from making the wrong hires to wasting time and marketing to the wrong prospects.

Treating Staff Poorly

Power goes to the head and those new to it can quickly go from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. Instead of nurturing and encouraging their team members, partners and vendors they are constantly on the rampage, don’t think they need anyone, and are fast to scold and fire. This all too often leads to mutiny and cultivating the wrong enemies.

Sloppy Mistakes

Pride blinds and fools successful business people into thinking they have a golden touch and can make no wrong moves. That is until they make a huge one and it all comes crashing down.

Neglecting Learning & Innovation

Once those huge paychecks are rolling in, 3 fancy sports cars are in the driveway of the new crib that was just featured on MTV and everyone is helping to stroke their ego, wholesaling CEOs often think they no longer need to learn or improve anything. They know it all and should be gurus right? Well, the moment you stop learning and stop innovating marks the start of a slow death, even if it isn’t visible and there are no symptoms yet.

Forgetting to Invest in Protection

The viewpoint that you can’t make any mistakes and you know it all, the outlook is great and there is no way that all that cash could ever stop flowing in or a lawsuit or hurricane will come along right? Always be investing in protecting and preserving what you’ve got. They more you’ve got the more you have to protect.

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