Time Hacking & Jail-Breaking Revenues for Wholesaling CEOs

Time Hacking & Jail-Breaking Revenues for Wholesaling CEOs

How can wholesaling CEOs hack time and jail-break the dynamics of running a real estate business to make more money and have more free time?

The biggest challenge most wholesaling CEOs face is in finding more time to focus on actual deal making, selling homes and closing transactions, versus all the mind numbing behind the scenes busy work, that may be essential, but is at best dull and can be a major drain on the mojo.

So how can you reduce and eliminate the bulk of those wasted hours, free up more time to do what you love most and that really pays, and bring in more cold hard cash fast?

Basic time management tips are plentiful, and so are organizational apps and super expensive and overly complicated suites of software that never get used, or worse become even more of a burden.

In fact Office Snap Inc.’s founder, Michelle Bullock who specializes in organizing and streamling real estate company operations and offices says that it can be some of these things that are the worst time suck, and biggest profit killer for real estate pros and wholesaling CEOs when not used effectively.

Having an assistant or two can be a great move, as can investing in the right tools and technology, but if it results in endless hours of training, more management, wasted dollars even more fragmented processes it is the path to self-sabotage, not enhanced success.

Michelle has found incredible demand in this arena where she works in Naples, FL, saving real estate agencies and Realtors hours each week and much frustration by identifying the parts of their software they should be using (and not), implementing new systems, getting executives to embrace cloud computing services like Google Drive and empowering their assistants to get the job done autonomously and without the need for micromanagement, while helping to reduce tax liabilities.

So before adding another app to overcrowded home screens, splurging on new software you won’t use a fraction of, or spending the weekend wasting a dozen hours reading more time management tips you’ll never have the time to implement; look at what you have, find ways to maximize it, make sure your assistant is really being highly productive and consider tossing the filing cabinet out the window in favor of cloud storage.

Doing this could help to free up an additional 5 to 10 hours a week, resulting in as much as 25% more time to spend actually turning over more homes and getting paid.

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