Tips for Wholesaling More Houses from Coach & Jared

Tips for Wholesaling More Houses from Coach & Jared

What can luxury brands Coach and Jared teach you about wholesaling more houses?

There are actually many great real estate investment education lessons to be gleaned from these high profile brands. The enhanced success and profits of focusing on the high-end and quality are certainly one of them, but that is only the tip of the iceberg, and many luxury brands have come and gone due to one fatal mistake.

In the run up to Mothers’ Day consumers and wholesaling CEOs are certainly seeing these two brand names more and more wherever they look, and many might be shopping them for Mothers’ Day gifts for moms, spouses and grandmothers.

You aren’t just noticing these companies more right now because you are looking for Mothers’ Day gifts. They know how to throttle their marketing and bulk up on marketing spend around special occasions like this. They’ll take out more display ads, get radio and TV commercial time, pump out email marketing campaigns and increase online display and CPM advertising.

These can all be great wholesaling marketing channels too. However, even those wholesalers on a tight budget can seize on the moment with targeted press releases and content, specifically highlighting how a new home or investment property can make the perfect Mothers’ Day Gift.

However, even more important that the marketing lessons to be gained from these top brands is how they handle customers and service.

Anyone can sweet talk a customer into buying from them once. But needing all new customers all the time is expensive and puts wholesalers at a disadvantage to the competition. Repeat business and referrals are far easier to close, require less effort and are ultimately much more profitable.

Poor customer service is going to hurt you every time. This is where fashion retailer Coach trumps jewelers Jared. Jared has a line up of cheaper products, but consistently fails to deliver on time. All the special offers in the world are worthless if the gift doesn’t arrive in time for Mothers’ Day, Valentine’s, Christmas, anniversaries or birthdays.  At moments like this most would rather cough up $400 for a Coach bag rather than try to pinch pennies on Pandora charms and not have any gifts to give on the day. So for the next holiday and the next, the company that delivered on time will be the trusted brand that wins repeat business and referrals.

So want to wholesale more homes and enjoy success like Coach; capitalize on unique marketing opportunities, but make sure you follow through with great customer service and close on time!

If you excel here, the volume and money will come naturally and easily…

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