Using a Launch Party to Kick Off Your Wholesaling Homes Business

Using a Launch Party to Kick Off Your Wholesaling Homes Business

Could a live launch party be the best way to kick off wholesaling homes and propel you to success?

While real estate wholesaling is often promoted as the fast and easy way to roll in big lump sums of money many new investors start off slow and with a whimper. They spend weeks scanning the MLS and lunching with local real estate professionals, stroll neighborhoods, and other people’s networking events and burn hours scouring court house records. This frequently results in a soft start with one or two deals rolling in and sometimes months before they really pick up the pace.

So what if you could disrupt the status quo and kick off your exciting new business of wholesaling homes with the bang it deserves and launch with a whole pipeline full of deals, and maybe even close a number of deals within your first few days of getting into real estate investment?

If that sounds more up your alley then perhaps a launch party is exactly the thing for you…

Why go to the trouble of organizing and hosting a launch party?

  1. It’s definitely time to celebrate your break from the rat race and bright new future
  2. It’s a great way to build momentum
  3. A chance to network with a large number of local real estate pros all at the same time
  4. Get face time with potential strategic partners
  5. Pull in dozens of potential buyers and sellers at one time
  6. A great PR opportunity for raising visibility and branding
  7. Far higher potential wholesaling marketing ROI

So what could your launch party event look like and what will you need to pull together to really make it a success?

Start by deciding where you will host it. Local hotel meeting facilities can be both inexpensive or lavish and high profile. If there are any new coworking spaces in the area they could also be a great match and help fill the room. Or if you are really not the in the face type, consider hosting it online as a webinar or Google Hangout.

Organizing appetizers and cocktails or outsourcing a caterer is relatively easy, and if you aren’t a big fan of public speaking hire a pro or invite a strategic partner to be the speaker. They might even pay for the opportunity and cover the cost of the event.

Whatever you do, don’t do it with a whimper. Think about creating as much hype as you can from radio to local press coverage to sending out lots of invites. Do it big and start wholesaling homes big from day one.

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