[VIDEO] $250,000 First Year Virtual Wholesaling & 3 More Brilliant Video Entries

Mark Makes $250,000 First Year Virtual Wholesaling

Enter to Win $1,000 Cash by Submitting Your Success Story

Want to win $1,000 in Cash?

Enter to win the Flip2Freedom Success Story Contest.

Here’s how to enter:

Step #1: Record a video and tell us your name, where you’re from and any success you might have had by listening to the Flip2Freedom podcast or being a member of the Flip2Freedom Academy.  If you haven’t got your first check you, you might talk about how the podcast has inspired you or changed your life.

Step #2: Upload your video to YouTube.com

Step #3: Submit your YouTube video URL to the Flip2freedom Fan Page on Facebook. Facebook.com/Flip2Freedom

Video submissions must be in no later than 10am on Thursday August 16th 2012.

We will be announcing the winner in a video that will be release on August 16th.

I can wait to see you video’s!!!



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