Ways To Earn & Learn Wholesaling Houses At The Same Time

Ways To Earn & Learn Wholesaling Houses At The Same Time

How can you keep earning money while learning to effectively wholesale house at the same time?

There may have never been a better or easier time to get into wholesaling houses and to profit from the U.S. real estate market, but many still find themselves stalled due to the need to earn while they learn. So what’s the solution?

Being able to start wholesaling houses with no money down is great, but most people still have bills to pay.

So many decide that they will begin saving to create a cushion to get them through a couple of months before launching themselves into flipping properties full time. Of course the problem with the save to get started strategy for most are the constant emergencies or shiny ‘must–have’ items that always come along, resulting in most doing miserably at building up these extra savings. Meanwhile most put off learning until they are ready to go all in. All the while missing out on some of the best opportunities.

Diving in full time head first can be great and can help speed up results, and most only need one or two deals to put themselves firmly on their feet if they are wise with the money. This means holding some aside for bills and reinvesting. But poor money management can also make you desperate and lead to poor decision making.

Some also don’t have this luxury, they have imminent bills due or past due, little mouths to feed and spouses that aren’t going to hang around if their allowances get cut or lifestyle curbed. So how can you earn and learn at the same time, and transition right into wholesaling houses for profit?

Everyone can create some spare time, even an extra hour a day to build on their real estate investing education and begin taking steps forward. Maybe that means no TV, no lunch break or even cutting back on volunteering for a month so you can give back more later. Get a course and study while keeping your current job, at least until you do your first deal or two.

Whether current unemployed or just disenchanted with current jobs many can also find other alternatives to earn and learn in a directly connected field that allows them to get some hands on experience.

This can include becoming an assistant to a local Realtor or wholesaling CEO, or taking a job in the industry as a title company rep, loan officer, builder sales rep, or for an insurance agent. This can not only provide invaluable insight to the workings of deals but also offer access to leads.

However, perhaps the easiest way is to start as a birddog bringing in deals for other investors, or bringing in end buyers, at least until you can go out on your own or justify being made a partner. Just don’t go posting the addresses of prospective deals on online real estate forums or taking them to Realtors for review; they are not your friends, and unless you have an agreement they could try to cut you out.

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