What ‘Jobs’ Wants To Teach You About Wholesaling Properties

What ‘Jobs’ Wants To Teach You About Wholesaling Properties

What do Steve Jobs and Ashton Kutcher want to teach you about wholesaling properties?

Whether you’ve seen the new ‘Jobs’ movie or not, and love it or hate it, the film holds many great business lessons which can be directly applied to wholesaling houses.

Put into practice these business principals can go a long way towards ensuring success and the longevity of your wholesaling business…

10 Tips From Jobs & Kutcher For Wholesaling Success:

1. Excellence

Above all the most important lesson to be learnt from Steve Jobs, Ashton Kutcher’s recent performance at the Teen Choice Awards and the ‘Jobs’ film is to pursue excellence above all else. That means excellent product and excellent business practices.

2. Be Different

One of the best tips for wholesaling CEOs from the movie that many may miss is to not just try and be better than the competition, but to be different. How can you do things differently and really give consumers what they want?

3. Great Staff Management

You won’t get far wholesaling properties without some help. However, investors also need a team that is in complete alignment with their mission, is insanely loyal and is empowered to do their best work and come up with creative ways to forward the company.

4. Don’t Take Funding

Far too many investors are concerned about raising money before getting started. If anything the Steve Jobs and Apple story is a glaring sign telling investors that the worst thing they can do is take on outside funding. Yes, use mortgages and transactional funding to leverage your way to more deals and wealth, but don’t give up control.

5. Get Out There And Pitch

It’s unlikely deals are just going to fall into your lap. Get out there and pitch it; you never know what massive success is just around the corner.

6. The Importance Of Inspirational Leadership

An inspiring leader can make massive things happen, command armies of extremely loyal staff and consumers. How can you be more inspiring?

7. It’ More Than Just About The Money

Big, fast, easy money is why most get into wholesaling houses, but don’t forget why you are doing it. Maybe family, legacy and just fulfilling your ultimate potential is more important, and solely focusing on the money can derail those goals.

8. It’s Not All About You

Don’t get caught up in your own ego. Just because things go terribly or brilliantly don’t let it affect your psyche so much that it sabotages your big picture efforts.

9. Go BIG

If you are going to do it – go all the way!

10. Emotion

When wholesaling properties remember that emotion is what drives the deal. Know how to create it, manage it and leverage it for more closed deals and growth.

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