Which type of person are you? (on a mission or a spineless wimp)



Because I have the podcast in iTunes, I have a lot of people ask me questions, share their success stories or complain why it’s not working.

What I’ve found is that there are two types of people.

There are those that attend one of my webinars and decided to take the path of freedom. They choose to invest in themselves and get the education and support that will give them the opportunity to achieve success beyond their wildest dreams IF….


If they don’t take consistent action, they tend to blame the system or some other external factor like the market, the marketing, the time of year, or something else.

These people say things like “I sent out 300 mailers and no one wants to sell at a discount.

Or they might say “I tried to do the real estate thing, but there is too much competition” or how about “I would get started, but I don’t have any money for marketing and besides I’m too busy.

Or even “I spoke to a friend, family, co-worker or real estate agent and they said this was illegal, and I can’t do this, or I’ll never find deals because all the professionals gobble them up.

You get the point, excuses, excuses, excuses…

I had a gunnery sergeant in the Marine Corps that would yell at the top of his lungs…


This dude did not mess around, and he took NO excuses what so ever!

Obstacles were just temporary roadblocks. He explained it like this,
picture a huge 50 ton, 15-foot high by 20-foot wide boulder in the middle of the road and your MISSION is to save the people on the on the other side.

What do you do?

Well, we had a choice, we could go back to the gunnery sergeant and say “Sorry Gunny, we couldn’t get around the big boulder, so we aborted the mission.

What do you think he would say?

You’re absolutely right, lol

He would tell us to get our sorry a** back out there and accomplish our mission. He said we could go over the boulder, under it, around it or we could drill a hole in the middle of the massive rock and pack it with C4 and blow the sucker up…

…just don’t give me a lame excuse, ACCOMPLISH YOUR MISSION!!!

You see, people that are on a mission see obstacles as temporary roadblocks, not mission ending events.

They say to themselves “I will get this done at all cost, I don’t care what I have to do, I will be a success.

You feel the tenacity?

They don’t take NO for an answer; they’re on a MISSION that will not fail. They know that persistence beats resistance, and if they experience temporary defeat it’s only TEMPORARY!!

They have a “NEVER QUIT” attitude.

SO back to my questions, which type of person are you?

Are on a MISSION or are you a “spineless wimp” like my gunny sergeant would call us when we whined.

Not to be harsh, but listen, if someone doesn’t call you out then maybe you’ll go through life drifting with no purpose or drive and accomplish nothing.

The reason I’m a little tough right now is because I care about you and your success. I wouldn’t spend and hour of my day, writing this post if I didn’t think you have everything it took to be successful.

You have a lot more talent and ability than you give yourself credit for…

You have what it takes to become immensely successful you just have to choose to be on a MISSION that can not and will not fail.

Freedom is closer than you think…

Now let’s go rock the house!!!


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