Wholesalers Wanted! How Easy Is It To Start Investing Today?

Wholesalers Wanted! How Easy Is It To Start Investing Today?

Contrary to the way some media outlets have been spinning stories recently there has likely never been an easier time to get into real estate investing, at least for those focused on wholesaling homes.

There are many tall tales in the headlines about how competitive the housing market is in some areas right now, but a lot of the heat is among newer investors looking to fix and flip or for buy and hold deals, and they all need wholesalers.

In fact, if you can conjure up the inventory at reasonable prices it’s virtually as good as sold today. The whole world wants to invest in U.S. residential real estate right now, and many are in one way or another. In fact, a recent report shows Chinese buyers picking up 30 to 70 plus homes at a time sight unseen in the worst markets in the country. They just want a piece of the action, and they have the cash to do it.

Unfortunately many of these domestic and global investors with bigger pockets and good infrastructures for handling deal flow and building giant portfolios are simply at a loss when it comes to finding deals. Many are left with the option of paying thousands of dollars per closed lead on distressed properties, or end up paying above market prices in bidding wars for homes from the MLS.

Now they all now realize how much they need wholesalers. Surprisingly many other investors seem to find it hard to find wholesalers, even using Google, with most markets seriously underserved. So even a half decent wholesaler with reasonable deals out to really be able to clean up out there today.

It shouldn’t take much to find a few dozen to a hundred regular buyers and have them eagerly awaiting your calls and emails to buy whatever homes you are wholesaling next, and on your terms.

That just leaves you to find the local properties to serve up to them, and with private lenders, transactional funding and many home buyers and investors willing to put up the cash – it’s easier than ever to lock down properties, get in, get out and paid almost instantly, with incredibly low risk.

So get out there. Go to investor meet ups, or arrange them, contact local investors and real estate agents from their advertising efforts, and network online with forums, blogs and social media to line up all the buyers your need for rapid fire property wholesaling.

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