Wholesaling CEOs: Getting Funded in 2013

Wholesaling CEOs: Getting Funded in 2013

All the data is lining up to promise a fab 2013 for wholesaling CEOs. The only cloud on the horizon remains liquidity and access to funds. So what should wholesaling CEOs expect in terms of getting funded in the New Year?

The Mortgage Landscape in 2013

Home sales volume is up, home prices are up and heading high, housing inventory is down, marketing time is shortening and confidence is rising. In fact, the only piece of the puzzle for a perfect recovery is access to mortgage credit or working capital. So what should wholesaling CEOs anticipate from the mortgage market over the next 12 months?

All comments and indicators suggest that mortgage interest rates will stay low through 2014 at least, even if higher rates could actually be the solution.

Unfortunately will the government and real estate professionals recognize the benefits of easier access to mortgage loans underwriting departments are likely to take their sweet time to loosen up, battling new regulations and waiting to see how recently originated loans perform.

Mortgage Alternatives for Real Estate Wholesalers in 2013

Of course, savvy wholesaling CEOs frequently get deals done without ever having to borrow a penny. For those who do want to have financing stacked up to fuel a high volume of flips in the New Year, there are several options besides conventional bank loans.

This includes:

  • Transactional funding
  • Hard money loans
  • Commercial real estate loans
  • Private mortgage lenders

In comparison to high street banks and conventional mortgage lenders, these 4 sources of real estate financing have already been loosening up quite a bit and have been showing signs of being exceptionally hungry to do deals and get their money into investors’ hands.

In fact, they are increasingly competing with one another to originate more loans and push up their own volume; and the fiercer this competition gets, the more relaxed borrowing requirements become and the more attractive terms get.

This is all great for those who are looking for mortgage money, but what about those wholesaling CEOs looking for funding to kick-start their real estate investment start ups or fuel them with more working capital next year?

Raising Funding for Wholesaling CEOs

Contrary to much of the media hype, raising funds isn’t nearly as difficult as many are making it out to be.

Of course, not everyone is going to get funded and not every idea is worth an investment, but for those with a solid plan, who have done their homework and are innovative, there are literally mountains of cash out there just waiting to be invested.

Whether it is raising seed money or expansion capital, it can be a lot easier than most think, especially for those in this field, while real estate investing is so hot. However, successfully getting funded like this, without becoming too distracted and burning too many resources, chasing funds requires understanding and serving up what these investors want. Think above average returns, regular income and a chance to be something they will be proud of.

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