Wholesaling CEOs: How To Effectively Borrow Credibility

Wholesaling CEOs: How To Effectively Borrow Credibility

How can wholesaling CEOs effectively borrow credibility to get more attention, increase conversion power and flip more homes?

The one thing that most real estate investors and wholesaling CEOs lack is credibility. This means that they and their marketing efforts don’t receive the attention that they deserve, conversion rates are low, and they can find that they are tempted to price themselves out of business. So how can they get more of it?

One of the fastest routes to more credibility and authority is to borrow it. So how do you go about this?

One of the most popular routes that real estate investors and owners of wholesaling companies try to take is borrowing credibility from things. This often includes expensive cars, bigger houses, fancy toys and even big bar tabs. They do this because they see others who appear to be successful doing these things. But these things don’t make success 99% of the time. They may be perks of having achieved success. Or can be symptoms of others attempting to put on a successful front when they are really crushed with bad debt and are struggling to keep up with it.

Perhaps it’s smarter to invest that cash into winning new business in other ways and then use the real profits to splurge?

However, this quandary can also spill over into deciding which wholesaling advertising options to pursue. Billboards can fuel the ego a lot more than bandit signs but which is really more effective and produces the better ROI?

Branding is important, but think about more effective ways to position against other brands and increase your credibility while generating real leads.

A better option may be to build your own credibility. This can be done with building a social following online, writing blogs, articles, press releases and self-publishing books, or at least commissioning ghost writers to do it on your behalf.

Of course that can take time and more resources while sometimes becoming a distraction from doing real deals. A savvier short cut could be borrowing it from your real estate investing education provider. If you invested into a reputable and proven wholesaling system and really know your stuff than that can give you instant credibility when out networking, talking to vendors and striking partnerships; kind of like a Yale degree and applying for an executive job with a Fortune 500 company.

This will also go miles when trying to tap other influencers and get their backing and recommendations. Otherwise this can be a hard sell – what do you have to offer? Without this you are a risk to them – prove yourself first, and your value.

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