Wholesaling CEOs – These Investors Are Begging You To Take Their Money

Wholesaling CEOs – These Investors Are Begging You To Take Their Money

Some wholesaling CEOs spend an incredible amount of time and money trying to figure out how to find more prospects and cash, and how to convert them into deals and referrals. The funny thing is that there is already a massive pool of money and end buyers out there desperate for what wholesalers already have…

For a start there is a rapidly ballooning multi-billion dollar pool of private individuals and organized companies and institutions begging for investors to use their money. They are even beginning to trip over each other in the tussle to be the one to put their money into wholesalers hands. So use it. Work the leverage while it makes sense and is easy to come by, and there is a huge volume of deals to be done.

Then there is a vast pool of individual investors and investment groups crying out for access to wholesale properties. Some are experienced pros looking for buy and hold deals, others hungry for homes to rehab and resell, and they are coming from all over the globe to seek out U.S. residential real estate.

Many of these investors are so desperate to get into properties right now that they are buying them by the dozen completely blind, some are doing zero due diligence or even attempting to ensure the properties have been vacated by previous delinquent owners, and many otherwise extremely intelligent individuals are dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into properties that are guaranteed to put them in a negative cash flow situation.

Now this information isn’t being shared so that wholesaling CEOs get greedier or try to take advantage of anyone else. The point is that there are mountains of capital to be used and virtually endless end buyers for wholesale homes.

All you need to do is to serve them. More importantly, and if you really want to maximize your potential income and wealth; serve them up a better quality alternative.

The more successful they are they more they’ll be able to, and want to come back to you for more ensuring your long term success.

Right now you just need to focus on getting your service and deals in front of them; gain some visibility so that they know you are there and can help. The deals will really speak for themselves, and it doesn’t take much sales skill or brain bending strategy if you stick to the buy low, sell low wholesaling principal.

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