Wholesaling CEOs: What You Do Know Determines Your Success In 2014

Waiting until New Year’s Eve to set your goals and hash out plans for 2014 is way too late. What wholesaling CEOs get busy doing, or not, right now will make all the difference in the level of success they achieve next year.


Think it’s too early to plan through 2014? No way. Smart wholesaling CEOs have at least a rough five year plan and a detailed 12 month plan. For most of those that have given serious thought to their goals and have broken them down into how many deals and leads it will take to hit those goals it is pretty obvious that a good amount of lead time is needed to make it all happen.


It can take weeks for some wholesaling marketing campaigns to yield inquiries, which can take days to become deals, which in turn can take days or weeks to close. When you take into consideration all the mayhem and other distractions of the end of the year it’s pretty obvious that investors need to be generating leads by the beginning of December to walk into the New Year with something in the pipeline, and creating those wholesaling marketing materials weeks ahead of that.


To finish 2013 strong, and go into 2014 in strong financial shape wholesaling CEOs should be bank rolling as much cash as they can between now and New Year’s Eve. Even more if they plan to splurge on holiday shopping and dinners or take any vacation time before 2014.


Fortunately there are some great days coming up for wholesaling houses. No matter what market you are in and how ugly the inventory Halloween, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are all excellent sales days for wholesaling CEOs and their businesses.

December gets even better as underwater homeowners rush to beat the expiring Mortgage Forgiveness Act and its benefits for short sales, buyers look to scoop up properties as presents, yearend bonuses flood the market with cash and everyone scrambles to minimize their tax burdens before the ball drops.

One warning here; the last two weeks of the year are extremely chaotic. Third party vendors get slammed and lenders and title companies get backlogged. This is also a time when you want to be distressing and re-energizing for the New Year. So automate what you can, stay cool and march into 2014 rested and with a full pipeline.

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