Wholesaling for Quick Cash: How to Find More Cash Buyers

Wholesaling for Quick Cash: How to Find More Cash Buyers

Cash buyers are key to wholesaling real estate for quick cash. So how can you attract more of them?

A good line up or at least steady flow of cash buyers is crucial for fast closings, reducing risks, bigger profits and seeing more deals done and dollars come in for the whole year.

The good news is that there are reportedly lots of them out there, at least according to the news. In fact, the number of cash buyers and cash buyers acquiring multiple properties in California is way up in the last 12 months. Still many real estate investors seem to be struggling to attract them and get the best results out of their businesses.

So how can you find more cash rich home buyers to flip houses to?

The first question should be are you serving up the right product? Is the area, type of property, price range and rental potential there that is attractive to a strong pool of home buyers with deep pockets? If this isn’t right, not much else will help. There are deals all over the country but if you think this may be an issue affecting your performance maybe it’s time to tweak your acquisition strategy?

Next is ensuring that you are sending the right marketing message. Wholesaling for quick cash isn’t that hard in the current market if you have a half decent product, but that won’t matter if your marketing messages aren’t targeted correctly. Keep this in mind for all ads (on and offline), website content, branding, and property descriptions.

Selecting the right marketing medium is also important. It is wise to have a good marketing mix with different channels in play and there are endless options to choose from today. However, not all may really appeal to the cash buyers that are most likely to buy your homes. Put yourself in their shoes and ask what you would respond well to or what you would expect to see from a company that you would buy from or invest alongside with. Are you delivering on that?

While the medium can help direct who sees your messages and advertising it is also important that any direct marketing is being targeted to or put in front of the best prospects. Who is your direct mail going to, what are the demographics of the print publications you are advertising in, are you choosing the right keywords for online marketing?

Those looking for more ideas to help them with wholesaling for quick cash may want to consider more marketing to foreign investors, targeting wealthier buyers by income level, growing a network of local investors by attending meetings and getting out to more events.

Of course the ideal scenario is that those you sell to will keep on coming back for more deals every month so treat them well, give them good deals and don’t overlook the benefits of providing good customer service.

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