Wholesaling Genius: It’s All About Systems

Wholesaling Genius: It’s All About Systems

Ever wonder why that wholesaling genius makes flipping houses look so easy and has been able to weather the ups and downs of the housing market through some of the toughest times we’ve ever seen, while others come and fail daily?

Success in real estate investing is not about being a natural born wholesaling genius, IQ, natural talents or an Ivy League education. It isn’t even about putting in more hours than the next guy or luck. It’s all about systems…

Want to be a Wholesaling Genius?

If you want to be a wholesaling genius you are going to have to become great at systems.

In fact, if you just want to enjoy a reasonable period of success, be able to grow your real estate investing volume and business and avoid flopping horribly you are going to need to get good at mastering systems.

Outside of real estate investment systems are what have made brands like McDonald’s and Starbucks so successful. While they may not talk about it endlessly, the top Realtors and real estate ‘gurus’ are those who have mastered systems.

So what systems do you need to become a wholesaling genius?

The Short Cut to Success

If you want to jump on the express train to success you need a system.

This is much wiser and better done right from the get go, but even those real estate investing veterans with decades under their belts who find themselves facing challenges or plateaus, may find a new system is what is needed to take it to the next level.

Having a successful system means getting on the fast track to profitably wholesaling real estate deals and turning more houses, while avoiding the many pitfalls that come with it.

The beautiful thing is you don’t have to create this all from scratch or spend years testing before you get your feet wet. There are out of the box wholesaling systems ready to ship that can make you look like a genius both in the short term and in the long run, as others fail.

The key is finding one which matches your goals, style and desires and which has been proven to work and still works today, legally.

Build, Delegate, Automate…

Once you are running and pulling in the cash like a wholesaling genius, continue to build out your own systems.

This isn’t just about the technical side of flipping houses or even just evaluating potential deals. You need systems for absolutely everything in your business, from hiring to marketing and beyond.

Each time you do a task, which you don’t have a system built for, create one the first time around. This will simplify repetition as well as making it a breeze to delegate.

However, go even beyond delegation with automation for maximum scalability, profitability and freedom.

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