Wholesaling Homes: 4 Emerging Property Trends to Watch

Wholesaling Homes: 4 Emerging Property Trends to Watch

Are you on top of these four hot and potentially highly profitable property trends?

As a real estate investor wholesaling houses there are all types of deals to be done in any market in any market conditions, but tapping into the next generation of hot properties can also enable you to flip properties faster and for some seriously tasty spreads.

Are you in?

Check out these 4 emerging trends you might want to cash in on…

1. Spec Building

As the market and economy heats up more small builders and cash rich entrepreneurs will be building their own homes and tearing down the old to put up spec houses for profit. Recent news has captured a snapshot of just how hot of a trend this is with super luxury spec homes for for tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars. Those wholesaling homes can cash in on this craze by acquiring older units in the path of development or even scooping up distressed deals on units like this left over from the last boom that weren’t completed.

2. Vacant Land

Of course another variation of the above is to find ripe lots and flip them to developers or high end buyers wanting to build custom homes. Thinking even bigger those that have been wholesaling homes can take on large parcels and flip them to developers or subdivide and turnover individual lots for handsome spreads too. Think entire communities. As a new rich generation sees their wealth blossom they are going to want that ultra-spacious and luxury pad in the newest suburb, mountain retreats to entertain at and ranch style properties to escape to on the weekends.

3. Bomb Shelters

It’s not just hardcore survivalists and crazies seeking the most secure properties that they can find today. With North Korea threatening nuclear attacks and the government stripping away Americans’ ability to defend themselves there are real threats out there and those that can afford to want to be protected. Some just want extra home security measures. Others are now reserving luxury condos in old missile silos and when old bomb shelters come on the market as one did recently in Florida they are hot properties that will be bid up quickly by those wanting bragging rights.

4. Micro Apartments

Micro apartments have become one of the hottest new trends in the last few months and they aren’t just designed as affordable housing. They are now attracting multi-millionaires desiring a minimalist lifestyle and provide attractive accommodation for young tech geniuses on the move. At often less than 300 square feet a unit the can present certain financing challenges for buy and hold investors but they can also be extremely profitable when it comes to yield. Of course while cities welcome new solutions for housing they are also limiting the number of these buildings within their boundaries to maintain a good balance of housing types. Those wholesaling homes could find massive profits in stepping up to commercial and locking down sites that will allow these buildings to be built or existing multifamily properties that can be converted into high end micro apartments.

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