Wholesaling Homes and the Great Gun Debate

Wholesaling Homes and the Great Gun Debate

How could the great gun debate and new restrictions affect those wholesaling homes?

The debate over gun control is raging. Regardless of which side of the argument you stand on real estate investors need to be paying attention to how it plays out and how any changes could affect wholesaling homes.

There may be many great arguments on both sides of the fence but with the current administration threatening to take unilateral action to impose its own agenda and the president making gun control one of his top priorities we could see major changes despite the strength of the NRA and its many supporters.

So how would gun bans change the nation and real estate trends for those wholesaling homes?

Obviously an immediate ban or even major restrictions on the manufacturing and sale of different types of weapons would instantly put many out of work from gun smiths to wholesalers and retailers as well as pawn shops and third parties who make and sell related supplies. This won’t just affect the owners of these businesses and those who have invested in them but everyone who works for them and in supporting industries as well.

Secondly, with firearms forbidden for average citizens wanting to protect their homes and families this will certainly result in many parts of the country becoming completely unsafe to live in, touching both dense urban areas where crime is already high as well as more rural areas which are difficult to police.

A third side effect will also mean a big drop in revenue for the government at many levels causing spending gaps, cuts and in many cases fewer funds for local services including policing which could compound the situation.

So while a gun free world might be a great ideal, in America where so many guns are in the hands of criminals we would definitely see a gun ban result in major unemployment and many areas of the country uninhabitable by law abiding citizens and law enforcement seriously out gunned and likely unable to operate in many areas.

This would certainly be likely to create more foreclosures, especially in those regions where the gun industry has been such a major employers. When it comes to wholesaling homes, in some areas these homes could be quickly flipped for a profit.

In others residents will flee in mass, leaving behind ghost towns and creating a surge in demand for housing in other areas which are safer and have more jobs. So how can you increase appeal of your homes and area to these people who will be looking for somewhere new to live?

Consider a combination of increasing visibility and positioning the area to attract more visitors and residents through the press and online media as well as working on standing out from the competition in the local market. Perhaps there will be even more profits to be had for those that make more selective picks when wholesaling homes and have safer homes to sell that include more advanced security features.

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