Wholesaling Homes Fast Is All About Visibility

Wholesaling Homes Fast Is All About Visibility

Want to wholesale more homes, faster? Maybe what you need most is more visibility?

With property bargains abundant, spreads great and demand soaring there should be no reason that real estate investors aren’t smashing through their income and volume goals this year. So if you aren’t what are you lacking and how do you get it?

Despite the media spin on declining inventory levels and fierce bidding wars among home buyers in some parts of the country there is still a staggering number of amazing investment opportunities out there for wholesalers.

New statistics show that banks are foreclosing on an increasing number of homes in over half of all states in America, as new first time foreclosure filings surge. Data on rising home prices is encouraging, but also masks the fact that homes in many parts of the U.S. are still selling at 70% discounts from previous values. That means in some areas $600,000 homes are still going for $200,000. Who wouldn’t want a crack at a deal like that, and be able to cash in on it?

Perhaps a significant part of the equation for many of those wholesaling homes is having the right systems. Without proven systems and smart, automated systems it is incredibly difficult to get more out of your time and ramp up volume.

Those that invest in quality real estate investment programs can quickly hack into these tools to ramp up business, in terms of acquisitions and the closing process. However, to turn more homes and do it faster, wholesalers need to recognize it is often about visibility too.

Investors and retail home buyers are desperate for property; many even willing to pay full retail price if they could just get an offer accepted. They just need to know yours are for sale.

So how can you efficiently and cost effectively gain more visibility for your own inventory or to presell deals?

Turning to the web and establishing a smart wholesaling website is a good start. However, it isn’t just going to run itself and pull in masses of volume unless you are promoting it or at least doing the right things to attract prospects to it. So consider PPC advertising with Google Adwords. Tap into massive social networks and leverage online influencers. Try setting up your own network of affiliates using software like Post Affiliate Pro. Use Realtors and wholesale homes through the MLS using net listing agreement where allowed, and finally start marketing out of your area, and abroad.

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