Wholesaling Homes: Homeless Investors, Surging Foreclosures

Wholesaling Homes: Homeless Investors, Surging Foreclosures

There is an incredible amount of irony in the disconnect between the media and the housing market on a street level today, but those in the know are using this to their advantage to cash in big by wholesaling record numbers of homes.

Homeless entrepreneurs are wholesaling homes to the tune of billions of dollars, foreclosures are surging while home prices head up at double digit rates, giant private equity firms try to scare competition off with rumors of a new bubble in the press while investing billions in single family homes and foreclosure properties and then there are some that still continue to sit on the fence while the opportunity of a lifetime passes them by.

This is an incredible time to invest in real estate, and entry into this incredible wealth building and income generating vehicle has never been easier. It’s open to everyone whether you have a high profile corporate job or have no job at all and no matter if you boast a master’s degree or dropped out of high school and all stand to win big providing they have the right strategy for wholesaling homes.

The really beautiful thing is that you don’t even have own a home or want to own your own home to benefit from wholesaling homes. Legendary investor Warren Buffett might call his own home the best investment he ever made but that doesn’t mean everyone wants to be tied down, and that’s OK. Just look at homeless billionaire Nicolas Berggruen who has partnered up to put almost $1.5 billion into distressed real estate, yet prefers living out of hotels.

Still whether your dreams involve travelling the world for the rest of your life or paying down roots with a massive waterfront mansion alongside the stars there is plenty of opportunity to take advantage of. There has recently been a lot of hype about bidding wars over properties with some real estate agents becoming far too arrogant tolerate in some areas, but in plenty of other parts of the country foreclosures are actually rising significantly. New York is seeing foreclosures increase, Maryland reports a 193% in foreclosure filings and the stock pile of shadow inventory in Florida has surged by over 200% in at least one county.

Wholesaling homes works in any environment, and any market cycle, but the current alignment of factors have created the ideal conditions for wholesaling homes for incredible profits. There is nothing to hold you back; not money, poor credit or time, so what are you waiting for?

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