F2F 124: Single Mom of Two Makes $7,697.97 in Less Than 30 Days Wholesaling Houses

F2F 124
Welcome, friends, to my podcast series that’s all about wholesaling houses… flipping houses using no cash, no credit. Yep, it most definitely can be done!

And to prove that, I’ve got a terrific guest today, who’s actually a student of mine, who went out there and killed it.

In this episode, we’re talking with Desiree Vasquez about how she landed a big payday from her very first deal – and she did it in record time. She’ll explain exactly what she did for marketing, how she found the buyer, the script she used, how she talked to the seller and built rapport, AND how she got the property sold in less than 24 hours.

Awesome, right!? This is such a great success story and you will definitely be inspired by Desiree.

Let’s get going…

Listen and enjoy

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What you’ll learn

  • The super-short amount of time between Desiree becoming Sean’s student to doing her first deal, check in hand
  • The two websites Desiree posted her deal on
  • The marketing strategy Desiree started with and what she’s also doing now
  • Desiree’s gigantic response rate from her marketing
  • How Desiree built rapport with the motivated seller
  • How Desiree found a title company to do business with
  • What really happens at the closing table

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Intro:   Welcome to the Flip2Freedom Podcast, I am your host Sean Terry.

Sean:   Hello again, this is Sean Terry from the Flip2Freedom Podcast. And we are on episode number…. I think 124. All right, if it’s the first time we’re seeing you to the podcast, I am going to let you know that this particular podcast is all about wholesaling houses or flipping houses. And if you’re not familiar with that, it’s a very simple concept where you market for distressed seller. And today you’re going to hear a story from Desiree Vasquez, got her first check in record time, $7,697.97 and her distressed seller was in financial, big financial mess.

So you market for distressed sellers, get property under contract. You sign a contract, you don’t fund it, you don’t come out cash with any money or anything like that. All you do is just sign a contract, then you market it and you’re going to see exactly how Desiree marketed her property where she had a flood of calls and got it sold within less than 24 hours. And then you market for a buyer, you get a contract for a buyer; you get a contract from your seller which is here theoretically. In her case, she got a contract for $29,000, turned around and sold it for I think was like $36,000, right? $37,000 and brought those to closing.

And when they closed the transaction, she walked away with $7,697 as a single mom of two kids. Great, great story. So she is going to explain exactly how she did it, what she did for marketing, how to find the buyer, the calls, the script she used, how she talked to the seller, how she negotiated with the seller, how she got the property sold in less than 24 hours, all doing this right in the middle of the holiday. So you got to stay tuned, this is an incredible episode, and she did a phenomenal job. So if you are new to us, again you can go to Flip2Freedom.com, Flip2Freedom.com. I wrote a book, a 129-page book.

And if you go there, basically that book explains in detail specifically the concept of wholesaling and how to quit your job in 19 weeks or less flipping houses in your spare time in breaks down. I have people tell me they spend well over $1,000 for the same book that I give away for free. Also too, at the end of the episode, I am going to give you a sample or picture of her bandit sign if you go to the episode here, episode 124, Flip2Freedom 124. Look for that and that will give you an actual what her bandit sign looked like and said. If you go there, you can check it out. All right, so let’s get into the interview with Desiree Vasquez on her killer story going out and making $7,000, her first check ever in real estate. Didn’t have any real estate experience, $7697.97, let’s do it. All right, Sean Terry here and I am back with a killer interview with Desiree Vasquez from Clearwater, Florida. Got her first check record time. She’s super pumped. Desiree, what’s up?

Desiree:   What’s up? How are you?

Sean:   You’re excited, huh?

Desiree:   Yes, very excited.

Sean:    That’s cool. Okay so, how much is your first check?

Desiree:   My first check is $7697.97.

Sean:    That’s awesome. And from when you…. So from your marketing, how long did it take? So you joined, I think you were saying like during the academy, Flip2Freedom Academy on like was it? November 19th or something?

Desiree:   Yes, November 19th and my first contract was signed on December 13th so less than a month.

Sean:    Cool, so less than a month. And then how quick did you sell it after your contract?

Desiree:   I put it on Postlets and Craigslist the next day, and I sold it the day following, so December 15th, 2015.

Sean:    Wow, that’s awesome, that’s so cool. That’s a great Christmas gift, huh?

Desiree:   Yes, it was awesome.

Sean:    Yes, that’s awesome. Okay, so let’s talk about you? What is your background?

Desiree:   Basically, I was an energy broker.

Sean:    Energy broker, okay.

Desiree:   Yeah, telemarketing.

Sean:    Okay, so telemarketing and what was your annual say income? What is your typical annual income?

Desiree:   Anywhere between $50 and $60,000.

Sean:    Okay, and did you work from home or do you have to go to your office every day or….?

Desiree:   I had to go to an office everyday, 9 to 5 and sit at a cubicle.

Sean:    Sit at a cubicle, calling people and asking them if they want energy…

Desiree:   Yes.

Sean:    Are you serious?

Desiree:   Yeah, I would call commercial businesses and sell them energy, electricity and gas.

Sean:    Wow, that sounds like exciting.

Desiree:   Yeah, cold calling all day.

Sean:    Cold calling all day, okay. So what made you joint the Academy? Do you have real estate experience in the background in your past or what?

Desiree:   No, basically, I was on maternity leave and I didn’t want to go back. So I took my maternity leave and I saw your program online, and I just dove in and joined and didn’t even think twice. Yeah, and I just started…. I finished your program in like four days of study.

Sean:    Are you serious? Wow!

Desiree:   Yeah, and the majority of the time was waiting for my bandit signs to come in.

Sean:    Okay, okay. So you went through the information and so you decided for a marketing channel that bandit signs was your… Was that the one you use?

Desiree:   Yes, I used the bandit signs and now I am using the letters, the direct mail, and yeah so….

Sean:    So, let’s talk about this check. So you ordered, did you order them from DirtCheapSigns.com?

Desiree:   I actually didn’t have a lot of money so I ordered from Amazon. I ordered blank ones and I wrote 100 signs out by hand and…

Sean:    Did you say pink?

Desiree:   No, I ordered them from Amazon.

Sean:    Okay, I thought you said you ordered pink ones?

Desiree:   No I ordered blank signs…

Sean:    Okay, got you, okay.

Desiree:   I got a magnum marker and wrote them out.

Sean:    Really, so what did you say on them?

Desiree:   I have one here, it says, “I buy houses, fast, easy cash, any condition and my phone number.”

Sean:    Actually, you got good handwriting.

Desiree:   But I wrote 100 of them, but I only put 40 out just to test the market and see how many people would call. I didn’t want to get overwhelmed and I had about 30 people call…

Sean:    30 people call off 40 bandit signs…

Desiree:   Yes.

Sean:    Wow, that is a gigantic response rate. That is amazing, that’s pretty, that’s rare but that is awesome. So you put them out and your phone is now ringing off the hook. Were you kind of intimidated when they first called or what?

Desiree:   I just followed the scripts. A lot of them were buyers, wholesalers, contractors and sellers but a lot of them were not motivated sellers so I sent them out, I emailed them the contracts. And then I came across one motivated seller. She was financially distressed and circumstantially distressed.

Sean:    Really? Okay, so what was her situation? What was her…?

Desiree:   Her situation was that she had lost her full-time job and she was only working part-time. Her house was already paid for but the taxes were coming up and she didn’t have the amount to pay towards taxes or her utility bills.

Sean:    Got it.

Desiree:   So she was behind about three months on her water and she was staying at her mom’s house because she didn’t like the commute to drive to her job. She couldn’t afford the gas.

Sean:    Wow, wow! So she was hurting pretty bad then.

Desiree:   Yeah, and she also wanted to move to North Carolina with her fiancé.

Sean:    Okay, now, I forgot to ask, that telephone number on the sign that you showed me there was… did that go to your cell phone or that go to like call a real number or to the voice or…?

Desiree:   I actually set up a… I bought a TracFone because bandit signs, they frown upon them here. So I bought a TracFone with an anonymous email and I set it up through Google Voice with an anonymous Gmail and so I get it on a different phone.

Sean:    Okay, so you basically bought a TracFone, put it on there, and then drove it, okay, cool. Cool… cool… cool. Okay, so a lady called you, you went through the script, were you pretty excited at that time? You were like, “Oh my gosh, I think this might be the one.”

Desiree:   Yes, definitely. She gave me a price, her price… I checked online and it had sold for $48,000. I asked her if she had a number in mind. She said $35,000 and my number was around $29,000…

Sean:    Okay, so close.

Desiree:   Yeah, because the ARV was around 60,000. So I went to see her and I built the rapport with her. I did everything you trained about sitting in the living room and building rapport. We liked the same color, purple and I noticed all her decor was in purple.

Sean:    Right.

Desiree:   Yeah, and so we talked about our kids and her new life, her leaving to North Carolina and she was very excited about that. So basically after that, I just did the walkthrough and sent pictures, and then we sat down and talked numbers. And it wasn’t hard to get her down at all. It was already had been renovated that year so it was in great condition. It had renovated kitchen and bathroom so it was… Basically, she was just needing money at the time.

Sean:    Right, so when she called in and you kind of went through the script and everything, did you book an appointment that day or did you book it the next day, or how soon did you…?

Desiree:   Well, when I spoke with her, I booked it for the next day because she needed to get out there and I wanted to go right then and there…

Sean:    Yeah, because she was living with her sister, right? Or her mom…

Desiree:   Her mom. Yeah, she was living with her mom so she needed to get gas, money together to get to a Holiday. It’s about 30 minutes away.

Sean:    Oh, is it? Okay, so she was definitely… So you met with her, so you walked through the whole house, did the whole thing, were you pretty comfortable with her? I mean, was that first? I mean, because when you first… It’s your first house. You get your first motivated seller and you kind of walk up to the house. You don’t…

Desiree:   …with a ton of buyers calling me for that property. Basically, they were fighting over it.

Sean:    Are you serious?

Desiree:   Yeah, they were fighting the time because I had a 1:00 appointment, and then someone else called and they said, “No, no, no, I got to be there before 1:00, give me 12:00″ and then I got another buyer calling at 11:00. Pretty soon, it was all the way up to 7:00 am in the morning. And when I got to the property, to show the property, I had six people waiting outside. And I don’t even know where they came from. They must have come early or… but I could have had an auction. I was thinking that next time I will have an auction.

Sean:    Next time you will have an auction. So you show up at this house, there are six people out there and now how did you…? How did you pick the one to get the offer? I mean what did you do?

Desiree:   It was the original person that I had scheduled. Yeah, he was the first. He and his wife were the first ones at the door and waiting for me to open it. And so I just did the walkthrough with him. And before I even came out, he had signed the contract.

Sean:    Are you serious? That’s crazy…

Desiree:   And everyone else was disappointed.

Sean:    Oh yeah, they were like, “What about me?” right?

Desiree:   Yeah, exactly. He already had the cash and the proof of funds.

Sean:    Had everything ready, he was ready to go.

Desiree:   Right.

Sean:    Wow! Okay, so he signed your contract. Now did you get a $2,500 deposit or any…?

Desiree:   Yes, I got the $2,500 deposit and I took it in cash and wired it to escrow.

Sean:    He gave you cash, $2,500 cash?

Desiree:   Yes, yes.

Sean:    Wow, okay.

Desiree:   Yeah, and I gave him a contract as a receipt.

Sean:    Wow, that’s rare but that is so cool. He really wanted the property, that’s awesome. Okay, so how did you find the title company to actual to close it?

Desiree:   A few of my calls were wholesalers that were calling when I put out my bandit signs. And one of them referred me to a Brokers Title. I had called basically every title company in Clearwater and a lot of them hung up on me or didn’t know what I was talking about. So I went to a Brokers Title in Tampa because they’re familiar with wholesalers. They have a lot of experience and they give good discounts.

Sean:    Really? Okay, so you called, you turned around and you called some because… I get feedback from people that are new and they’re maybe new to the academy, they listened to the podcast, and they called four, five different title companies. And the title company say, “No, we don’t double escrow,” and, “We can’t do that.” And then they quit, right? And they give up. So what made you just keep driving and keep calling in and doing that? What was that?

Desiree:   Well, I knew that there has to be some title company around here that does double escrows and assignments. And so as soon I got any calls from buyers or wholesalers, I would ask them what kind of title company they use.

Sean:    Really?

Desiree:   And that was after I went through the long list of title, local title companies that were closer. So I got a lot of tips and hints off of wholesalers basically calling off the bandit signs.

Sean:    I commend you for your tenacity and ingenuity to put up the bandit signs and talk to them and get that information.

Desiree:   Yeah.

Sean:    Okay, so you wired the $2,500. You brought the contracts to the title company, right? And you said, “Okay, I want to do a double escrow or assignment,” or what did you do?

Desiree:   Yes, I did a double escrow.

Sean:    Oh, cool.

Desiree:   And she sent me a copy of a disclosure, the disclosure just says that I will be selling it for a higher price but it doesn’t. And I told her to include that in the title papers, but it’s just good to have on hand that way it doesn’t look like I’m getting a pen to sign something else, so she includes that disclosure into the title paperwork.

Sean:    Yeah, that’s what we do here. And basically for people that see the disclosures, just basically letting the buyer know and the seller know that there are two different transactions and using the funds from the buyer’s transaction, yeah?

Desiree:   Right. And the good thing that I did was I was very open with the seller. I told her, “Look, I don’t know… like from your videos, I don’t know if I am going to sell the property, fix it up and flip it. I’m not sure, I’m not going to be moving into it, but I’m going to resell the property.” I was very open with her. I told her I’m going to do marketing and such. And I was open with the buyer as well, so everything went smoothly at title. There were really no questions at all when we went to closing.

Sean:    Yeah, and you know what? You were like the perfect student because you followed everything perfectly because if you frame that with the seller correctly, “Listen, I don’t know what we’re going to do with it. We don’t even know if we are going to fix and flip it, we don’t know if we’re going to rent it, we don’t know if we’re going to sell it quickly, we don’t know what we’re going to do with it right now. But the bottom line is you are going to get $29,000. That’s what you are going to get whatever happens. Obviously we’re here to make a profit because we’re investors.” And if you let people know that, then they go okay. So if they do see a Craigslist ad or if you do see people showing up at their house or something they don’t freak out because you have already disclosed and told them what was happening so that’s awesome, very smart, good job at that.

Desiree:   Yeah, that was a good tip because I was so open with both the seller and the buyer. I had no problems at all.

Sean:    So it was smooth. So when you bought the house, how quick did the title company get the title paperwork and all the stuff and actually get to closing day? Were they pretty quick with that or…?

Desiree:   Well, kind of what happened was because my seller did have financial issues. There was a water lien that came up after I opened escrow. I guess they did a date down and that water lien popped up. And so I had to go back to her and explain a water lien came up. It’s going to come out of her end and she was okay with it. So I went to closing December 29th…

Sean:    Okay, cool.

Desiree:   Yes, so maybe a week and a half later.

Sean:    Okay, so you went to closing and a lot of people don’t know, when you actually go to the closing table, they have a vision in their head like everyone sits around. It’s you and the buyer and the title company and the seller and you’re all in this one big room and they’re all signing and all talking but it doesn’t happen that way. So how did it happen for you?

Desiree:   Okay, so basically being with the seller and with the title clerk and it was just signing papers. And then after that, we went to… The seller left, she gave me a big hug, and then the buyer walked in. And I exchanged keys with the buyer and he signed papers with me and it was pretty quick. Yeah, it took no more than 10 minutes, yeah.

Sean:    That is pretty cool, so you went in, you had the seller come in, the buyer come in, and technically you didn’t have to be there with the buyer and the seller coming in but obviously it’s your first deal so you want to be in the… and make sure everything went smooth, which is I think was really, really smart. So you… They closed and recorded the transaction, and you got your check for $7,697.97 and did you jump for joy?

Desiree:   Yes, I was so happy! And then the buyer was asking me about the properties down the street as well because there were three more properties that were vacant that I’m working on right now for him. So yeah, everyone was happy and he wants to do more business with me.

Sean:    That’s exciting.

Desiree:   My seller gave me a big hug.

Sean:    Yeah, so you made the seller happy. That was a great feeling. The buyer is excited to do more business with you. And now you just basically created this business almost out of thin air. So how much did the bandit sign cost and your TracFone cost?

Desiree:   Okay, my TracFone was on sale for $5 at the Family Dollar and my bandit signs cost about a dollar each or actually with the stakes it was $1.68 with shipping and everything each.

Sean:    Okay, so $1.68. So yeah, you’re about maybe $100 bucks in for the TracFone and that’s pretty good, that’s a good ROI on that. Cool. Okay, there are people sitting right now that first off have… maybe they got started, they are kind of sitting on the fence, they don’t really know if it is going to work for them and they hear your story and you have a brand-new baby. You had this job, you now have this, and you go out and try to make this work. What would you tell them? I mean they’re sitting there and they’re seemingly saying, “Holy cow, if she can do it, then I can do it.” So what would you tell them that drove you to accomplish this?

Desiree:   Yeah, definitely don’t give up. I am now a single mom with two children. I have a two-year old and a four-month old. And yeah, I basically put my whole heart into this and it definitely worked…

Sean:    He’s a cutie… That’s a big why right there to give the motivation because here’s the thing. It’s like people… if you don’t have a why that’s going to drive you to get up and put out the bandit signs and go out there and do it, then you’ll come up with some sort of excuse of, “Why, I’ll just do it tomorrow or the next day,” but you’ve got a beautiful little boy there that just ran up to the Skype screen, and that is a big why right there.

Desiree:   Yeah, definitely, I did it for my life, for my kids. Yeah, I was definitely motivated to do something about my life. I didn’t want to go back to my 9 to 5 job so…

Sean:    So now looking in the future for like 2016, does it kind of open up a door of like hope and of what you’re going to accomplish and stuff? So it’s like what are your goals now do you think for 2016?

Desiree:   My goals are… I want to make anywhere from a half million to a million dollars by the next year.

Sean:    That’s awesome. Now would you ever have that possibility working your 9 to 5?

Desiree:   No, definitely not. I would only make a small, very small amount. And yeah, it is a dead-end job, so this has a future.

Sean:    That’s awesome. All right, well, I’m going to let you go. I know you got your son back there. He wants mommy time back there and so let’s… Well, hey, Desiree, congratulations, you did an absolutely phenomenal job! You are the perfect student following everything precisely and I am so excited for you and your family and your future and what you’re going create. So you did an awesome, awesome, awesome job, congratulations!

Desiree:   Thank you.

Sean:    That’s cool, that’s cool. Guys who’s listening or if you’re a Flip2Freedom Academy member, she is in the Flip2Freedom Academy. Obviously, private members group there and stuff so you can ask many more questions. But congratulations and I will see you inside the Facebook group.

Desiree:   Thank you, it was nice speaking to you.

Sean:    It was nice talking too. That’s awesome. So I will talk to you later then, take care.

Desiree:   Okay, you too.

Sean:    All right, I hope you enjoyed that amazing interview with Desiree. Boy, congratulations, Desiree, you did an absolutely phenomenal job, great, great job. So if you want to get her bandit sign, copy of bandit sign, what it looked like, go to Flip2Freedom.com, search episode number 124 with Desiree Vasquez. And in that post you’ll be able to download a copy of her bandit sign. Also too, we have live webinars going on every single week. So on the page there, look for any links to live webinars and you’ll get to learn specifically, get on live, answer all your questions, go through details and learn more about this business on how to go out and get results.

So I will see you on the next episode. We’ve got a bunch of more interviews, bunch of more content education coming up for you guys. Go to Flip2Freedom.com, download the book, get Desiree’s bandit sign there and you’ll be off and running for 2016. All right, I’ll see you in the next episode, I’ve got Brian Harris, listen to this guy. Brian Harris, this next interview we’re doing is amazing. He’s making over $100,000 a month wholesaling houses. He’s in the private Flip2Freedom Academy membership, members Facebook group, sharing all the stories, what he’s doing. And it’s crazy over six figures, $100,000 a month. It’s a must-listen-to episode. That’s in episode number 125. So make sure you look for that as well. All right, take care, bye.



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