F2F 123: 2016 Goal Attraction Blueprint for Breakthrough Results

F2F 123
Welcome, friends, to my podcast series that’s all about wholesaling houses… flipping houses using no cash, no credit. Yep, it most definitely can be done!

In this episode, we’re talking about how to use The Triangle Affect to magnetically attract your aspirations and goals in 2016. So, we’re talking mental thoughts, laws of attraction, spiritual thoughts of success and a massive action plan.

Look, I am super pumped about 2016, and I want to share what worked so dramatically for me that made my 2015 unbelievable – so your 2016 can be just as terrific. I’ll walk you through, step-by-step, to my killer proven strategy that will pull the goals toward you instead of you chasing them. This is actionable info you can implement today, right now. Let’s get 2016 started off the right way!

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What you’ll learn

  • 3 ways to get paid when doing wholesale deals
  • Why the story you tell yourself on a daily basis is a very important factor in the Triangle Effect
  • Why it’s important to know what we can control, what we can’t control and how that factors into our business
  • What you can do to pivot your negative way of thinking into a positive one
  • How to use the Law of Attraction to your advantage and engineer it for positive outcomes
  • The biggest negative vibration you could be projecting
  • What Sean’s morning ritual is like and why you need your own
  • How to generate a feeling of appreciation every day
  • What a January Letter is and how to write your own (trust me, you want to do this)
  • The one thing that has made the biggest impact in Sean’s life, ever, in his whole life
  • How to reverse engineer your goals into annual, quarterly and weekly goals – grab a pen and paper to follow along with the calculations

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Intro:    Welcome to the Flip2Freedom Podcast, I am your host Sean Terry.

Sean:   Hello again, this is Sean Terry from the Flip2Freedom Podcast. And we are on episode number 123 in 2016 and I’m telling you this is the year for you. Things are going to change. I know I’m super pumped about 2016. We had our annual meeting, reverse engineered our goals. We’re completely focused on exactly what we want to do. Last year, I spent 2015 re-engineering my real estate wholesaling business. We had the absolute best year ever. This year in 2016 I’m really committed to blowing up the Flip2Freedom and also entering different markets in our real estate business. So, I got a great team, the rock in the house.

And in this episode, we are going to talk about how to use what I call the triangle effect to magnetically attract your aspirations and goals in 2016. And the triangle effect encompasses your mental chronic thoughts, right? The law of attraction, spiritual thoughts of success, and a massive action plan. So that’s what we’re going to talk about in this. And it’s amazing and I’ve shared this before, but there are new updates to it and it’s changing, and stuff like that into making it better, because I apply it in my life in modifying changes. It’s been amazing results, not only with the people I’ve shared it with but also in my life as well.

So this is the first time you’ve been listening to the Flip2Freedom podcast, this podcast is specifically about wholesaling houses or flipping houses using no cash, no credit, whether you’re working on your full-time job, part-time job, you on your spare time or you just want to go out and crush it and you’ve done a bunch of deals, this podcast gives you all the tools, techniques, and everything you need to know about specifically how to wholesale houses.

Now if you’re not familiar with wholesaling houses, this is a very simple concept. You market for distressed sellers. You may have a seller that has an absentee owner, that has a tenant that trashed the place, that’s a motivated seller. You may have an inherited property, maybe you have a probate property, maybe you have a fire-damaged property. Whatever the case may be, you can market for those specific segments and you can have a seller that calls you, you get the property under contract; let’s say theoretically it’s worth $100,000, you get another contract for $50,000, happens all the time, and that now you have equitable interest in the property, you control that property for $50,000.

Now what you can do is you can market it because you have equitable interest at two buyers, and what you’re looking for is cash buyers. And now a cash buyer comes in says, “Hey, I’ll give you $60 grand for the property,” perfect, you sign a contract with that cash buyer. They have a contract with the buyer, you have a contract with the seller, you bring it to a closing agent, and there’s 3 ways that you can get paid, number one is you can get paid what’s called the double escrow for your using the buyer’s fund, number two is you can assign it or sell your contract for the $10,000, or number three is you can use what’s called transactional funding. Transactional funding is when you have a funding company that will fund 100% of your purchase price.

So those are the three ways that you can get paid in the business, so let’s say double escrow, you have the buyer wire in $60,000 to the closing agent of which $50,000 goes to your seller that you got under contract and $10,000 goes to you, $10,000 goes to you. Now what’s going to take to get $10,000 raise on your job, you know? Who, you know, who do you, how many hours do you have to work? Whose butt do you have to kiss, right? $10,000 raise on your job! Now what if you can do that once a month? And I’m not talking about a lot, I’m talking about once a month, yeah, once a month, 12 times a year, all right, screw it, just 10 times a year, right? That’s an extra $100,000 a year, working part time around your job, talking to sellers, it’s an incredibly lucrative hobby that can turn into a ridiculous multi-million-dollar a year business.

Now, for me and Phoenix, we flipped over 300 houses a year, we average about $15,000 per deal that we flipped, and it’s amazing, I have a team of people and we crank it, we crank it here in Phoenix, we’re moving in the other market in 2016, which we’re pumped about. So what I want to do is share what has worked dramatically for me, when it comes to goal setting, and I love this time of the year, this is like the refreshing new energy time of the year, where you can now put 2015 in the back, in the past, look at everything that went right, look at everything that went wrong, but now really focus on 2016, what are you going to do to make it great? What are you going to do to make it phenomenal?

So, wouldn’t you like to have a killer proven strategy that you can apply, that works, but instead of writing a laundry list of everything you want to happen, you get your financial goals, spiritual goals, mental goals, all that type of stuffs, you write a laundry list, and then what happen to me is I would start going, okay, I’m going to wake up early, I’m going to do this, I’m going to go to the gym, I’m going to kiss my wife every day, I’m going to whatever, hug her every day, I’m going to do this, and this and this. All this stuff, and I get overwhelmed with this massive to do list every single day. And guess what would happen? I would fail one of them, I would miss a day, you do something, and then I get discouraged and I beat up myself, right? And I was chasing these goals instead of magnetically pulling the goals towards you, so we’re to talk about how to magnetically pull those goals toward you, and how to achieve ridiculous results using what I called aligned action versus just regular action, right? So there’s action, then there is aligned action.

Now this triangle effect is specifically is about your mental chronic thoughts, the law attraction, spiritual lots of success in a massive action plan. Now we’re going to talk about this episode, but before we go there I want to thank everyone that has actually submitted reviews into the Flip2Freedom podcast in iTunes, I greatly appreciate it. And also too if you want more, you can go to Flip the number 2 Freedom.com, Flip the number 2 Freedom.com, Flip the number 2 Freedom.com, I wrote 129-page book that explains in details, specific details, how this business works inside now, and it specifically design in how you can quit your job flipping houses. I’m going to break down the process of exactly that.

So I’m going to Flip the number 2 Freedom.com, there’s a ton of great resources, they have a resource page with, you know, all the tools and everything that we use, we got some killer webinar that you can… I do on a weekly basis which you can attend, so it’s pretty killer, go to Flip2Freedom.com, check it out, we completely revamp the site and it’s been awesome. So, all right, let’s get into triangle effect. Not here’s the deal, the bottom line is when it comes to triangle effect, there’s two sides of the coin, right? There’s the head side of the coin, which is you, right? That you bring to the table, you, your, you know, daily action, your mental chronic thoughts, you. The other side of the coin is the mechanics, the specifics how tos, you know, what mail, what direct mail piece do you send, what, you know, what list do you target, how do you talk to the seller. All those specific detail things are the other side of the coin.

So there’s two sides of the coin, now here’s the deal, is that, you know, if you give me, for example some golf clubs, the best golf clubs in the world, right? I’m going to shoot roughly probably about a 92 or 95, depending on the golf course, on a smoking day, I’ll shoot the mid-to-low 80s on an unbelievable day, but my normal golf is between 85 and 95, that’s just the way it is, you know, I had 2 pods, 3 pods, you know, whatever, I can hit it down the thing, I can I can hold my game, but not that good. Now you take these exact same clubs and you give them to Jordan Spieth, Jordan Spieth is one of that, obviously number one golfer in the entire world, young kid comes in, takes golf by the storm, amazing, Jordan Spieth, right? So, is it the clubs or is it the person? So I have people all the times that say, “You know what? I’ve sent out the direct mail pieces, I’ve talked to sellers, I’ve made offers, I’ve done this, but I’m not getting results.” Guess what? It’s not the clubs, it’s the person.

So we’re going to talk about two different things, we’re going to talk about the head side, right? And also we’re going to talk about the mechanics side, reverse engineering your goals; you have that you have to basically reverse engineer it onto a weekly basis, so you have a target each week. If you have a target each week, then you’ll hit your monthly goal. If you have a target each month, you’ll hit your quarterly goal. If you target these quarter, you’ll hit your annual goal and is reverse engineered to bite-size pieces. People always say, “If you can eat an elephant, take one bite at a time.” If you want to gobble them, the whole thing it’s overwhelming. So what we’re going to do is take the $100,000 income and break it into those small little bites, so it’s believable and achievable. And then you’re going to learn how to use aligned action to achieve that.

All right, so let’s get into it. Triangle effect. Let’s talk about, first off the first side of the triangle, is the mental chronic thoughts, your mental chronic thoughts. So think about this, when someone asks you, “How is it going?” what do you say? “Well, same old, same old, just getting by. Well, I’m just, you know, still doing the same old, you know, whatever.” It’s like it’s going home and, “Oh, my gosh, this is incredible, my life is going awesome, it’s better than it’s ever been, it’s going amazing.” So the story that you tell yourself on a daily basis is incredibly important, you know and things like, you know, I’ve tried these things before and in the end it never works for me. I’ve tried and failed before, so what makes me think I can make it work right now. So we tell ourselves things in our head.

So you might be listening to this podcast and you haven’t achieved your first check yet or you’re listening parking you see other stories and go to Flip2Freedom.com and there’s a success stories tab. We have videos upon, videos upon, videos upon, videos of people that have submitted their success stories and it’s amazing to see what people have accomplished. But the bottom line is that people say to themselves, “Well, you know, they’re in a different market or maybe they’re lucky, everything I’ve tried, it never works.” So maybe you’ve tried and failed other things. I have, I tried commodities trading, failed, right. I tried multilevel marketing, sucked, you know, all these different things that I’ve tried that never work, so I had this in my head that I thought was never going to work, right.

So what happens is that we have… there are two different things the way we think in our head, we either can visualize a positive outcome or we can visualize a negative outcome. Now what happens is most people, right, me included, will visualize a negative outcome that could potentially happen. So think about this, so I go, okay we’re going to send out some letters, right, we’re going to mail, we’re going to do direct mail, or we’re going to knock on pre-foreclosure door, that’s how we get started, knocking on pre-foreclosure door… so in my head prior, because I was conditioned and I was negative conditioned, right, before he knew about this.

So in my head before I attempted to knock on pre-foreclosure doors, I put in my head that I was going to go to a house, I was going to knock on the door and there is going to be some guy that’s going to hold a gun, he’s going to open the door and releases his dog, going to bite my leg off and now I’m going to have to get my leg amputated, now I’m going to be terrible, that, that, that… all that the stuffs in my head and your brain starts going off all the negative things, so I’m projecting a negative outcome.

Unsuccessful people, people, people that are, you know, are stuck in a ride or just, you know, people that are non-achievers, right, that’s what they do, they project negative outcomes when an opportunity comes their way, so you know, another thing, “”Hey, I’m going to send out postcards,” or, “What if I spend $300 or $400 sending out letters and I get calls and if I don’t say the right thing?” “What if I screw up?” and, “What if I     you do go on an appointment with the seller and I see something wrong and I get it under contract and I do something wrong on the contract and the gang and the guy will sue me and then I can’t find a buyer? What if I sell it?” projecting negative outcome.

So what does a successful person do? And this is conditioning, right. This isn’t, this isn’t where it just, you snap and all of a sudden, hey, now I’m going to think successful. It’s conditioning, it’s realizing and recognizing that, holy cow I am projecting negative thoughts! Right? I got to stop this, what the heck am I doing? Bam! And I do it all the time, I go holy cow, now I recognize it, I make a shift and I focus on the positive outcome, so it will be the positive outcome.

Well I could say, “Okay listen, I’m good to go knock on pre-foreclosure doors. Well, guess what? And I’m going to go out there and I’m going to knock on pre-foreclosure doors and guess what? People are going to be responsive; they’re going to be excited that I’m there to help them. I’m going to turn around and talk to him and guess what, if some people are negative, who cares? I’m not going to stop, because I want to go out and achieve my goal, why? Because my goal is more important to me than having someone yell at me at the door. My goal is more important to me than, than that obstacle that I have to overcome.”

Now, so what about the, you know, the letters that we sent out. We sent out letters and say, “What if I spend $300 to $500, but it doesn’t work? What if it does? What if it does work? What if we send them out, the calls are going to come in, the sellers are going to be receptive, I’m going to book an appointment, I’m going to go to a house, you know, I might not know everything right now, but I’ll figure it out along the way. I’m going to meet with the seller, I’m going to get it under contract and I’m going to be pumped. I’m going to be excited, I’m going to get the right price, the right contract and I’m going to put it out there and crank this, I’m going to find the buyer, I’m going to get under contract and close the deal, I’m going to make my first check.”

That is projecting a positive outcome, and guess what? Who controls it? I don’t control your thoughts; your wife doesn’t control your thoughts, right? Your kids don’t control your thoughts, you control your thoughts. Now it’s funny that, you know, God, he… it’s funny that way, he only gave us control of one thing, we can’t control the weather, we can’t control our wife, we can’t control our kids, we can to a certain degree, right? There’s… we can’t control our government, we can’t control… right? There are only certain things we control and that the only thing we can control is our thoughts, right? We can control our thoughts. So the bottom line is this, is that you can project those positive outcomes.

All right, so those are mental chronic thoughts, right? And what we can do is if we recognize or now that we know that we’re having this, this you’re going down this tunnel of negativity, right, in the slippery slope and negativity going, what if this? What if that? What if this? What if that? What if this? Recognize it now that you know in what’s called pivot, and you want to pivot from recognizing, stopping yourself, and then, then imagine what would be the positive outcome. So now you start, you start telling the story to yourself about the positive outcome.

Now think about this real quick, what if you have a guy that’s continually telling himself negative outcomes, negative outcome this and this is going to this, this is going to… Do you think he can send out letters and postcards and talk to buyers and all of a sudden have success? He’s going to… it’s like taking a round peg and shoving it as hard as you can into a square hole, right? You can’t do a round peg, shoving in the square, you can’t do it. So the bottom line is people tell me all the time, I tried it, and it doesn’t work, and they blame the golf clubs. What was most have been in the list? It must’ve been the letter, it must be my market, it must be, you know this, it must be the script. They’re blaming the golf clubs. It’s not the golf clubs, right? It’s the person, and then I go, okay great, let me ask you a question, you know what… when you think about sending out a letter, what do you think about? Oh I don’t know… it’s a negative outcome, so a lot of it is shifting.

And here’s the thing, success in this business is 70% to 80% you, the of the head side of the coin, right? The mental chronic thoughts, so that’s, that’s what we can control. Start focusing on telling a better story, a successful positive outcome that you can project and then if you realize that you’re out there and you’re projecting a negative outcome, pivot! Recognize it, shift, change and guess what? You’ll be amazed at what things will line up, you and I both know that if you constantly think, think negative thoughts and maybe negative thoughts about… This can, this is not just in real estate, this is life, right? You might think negative thoughts about your wife, you might think negative thoughts about your kids, you may think negative thoughts about a coworker, a boss, a friend, a situation, or whatever.

We have a neighbor girl that was over to the house yesterday and she had an issue with her car and she was projecting all this negative stuff, well, they’re not going to help me out, they’re going to leave me screw it, they’re going to… I said listen, I said Kelly, what if they don’t? What if they, you’re positive, what if they do it? You know, and I start to get her to get her to focus on the positive, but she was so conditioned to focus on projecting the negative out there. Now think about all those things in life that you might be dealing; now you can recognize it, now you can pivot, and now you can start putting positive projections out there and it works.

Now the next, next thing is the law of attraction. Also there’s this big thing about a law of attraction, secret, and you know, attracting and you know, aligning and stuff like that. So let’s, let’s talk about that. So the law of attraction, and here’s what basically happens in our world, right? There’s what’s called the vibrational energy. Everything around us, right, is some sort of… if you take a high-powered room, look at it the wall right now and I got a desk here in front of me. I got my, you know my switchboard with all the powers or so. If you look at all that stuff there, and if you look at it, that massively high-powered microscope, there are atoms and there’s energy, right? And you got, you know, neutrons and electrons, they’re all swarming around, and if you look at it, there’s space inside there, it’s almost, almost like all these, you know, neutrons and electrons and atoms and all the stuff, it’s all moving all around, it’s energy, right, its energy.

And if we were going to shrink down to a molecular, you know, very, very small, and I’m not scientist, I don’t probably do it, but very small the way down, you look at… guess what? There will be space, even though it looks solid to us, the desk is solid, the wall is solid, you know, if you break it down, it’s all energy. Now what the law of attraction basically says is that like energy attracts like energy. Now one of the most powerful forms of energy that we have is our thoughts, our thoughts project out a positive outcome, it can project out a negative outcome and what happens is it attracts more of the same.

So we hear things like clichés, like, when it rains it pours, why does it happen? When it rains and things happen, have you ever had something happen and it bad happens, then something else bad happens, something else bad happens and you wake up you trip your toe, you know, you know, you’re getting out the shower, and like owe it hurts, and then you go out there and your wife’s yelling at you for whatever reason, you know like that. And then you’re late because you get the kids to school, and your boss yells at you, and you’re going, “Oh, my gosh, when it rains it pours,” right?

So the bottom line is, is that, that’s where they get that saying, but it also can work the other way, the better it gets, the better it gets. And what happens is you can, you can, you can project, you know, positive out there, positive feelings, positive attracting vibrations and what it will do is it will magnetically attract in your life, positive things that you want your life. So that being said, how can we use it? Well, the bottom line is, is that anything that we want, right, is a picture right, so maybe you want a specific car, you want a certain amount of money, money is energy, flowing energy, you want… your things in your life. If you’re very specific and detail and you know exactly what you want and you can see yourself in possession of those things or having those things or being that person, what happens is, those things begin to attract to you, right? Or what’s happened, they line up in specific ways and they don’t just show up, right?

You don’t like, I drive a Range Rover brand new, the 2015 Range Rover, right, so you have brand new Range Rover $120,000 car, this thing’s working amazing, it’s fast, right. So I just didn’t visualize that Range Rover sport, what happens is I just had to take action. I knew specifically what I wanted, I knew I was to get it and then there are action steps to be able to, to be able to take that. So it’s being clear of exactly what we’re wanting. So what are negative attracting feelings or vibrations that we can put out there?

Well, one is fear; fear is the biggest, biggest one. If you are in a state of fear, right, and you what if, what if you’re afraid, right, and you send out letters and you send out postcards to do marketing, guess what? You’re not going to get, you know, those specific leads. I mean, I have had people in the same exact market send, send the same exact letter, send these same exact postcards to the same exact list, one guy gets all the deals and the other guy doesn’t. Why? Right? Because one guys is projecting negative, he’s putting out negative fear, worry, anger, frustration, these negative feelings out there and he’s getting more back into his life, when it rains it pours.

Then the other guy, guess what? He’s putting out a positive attracting feelings, he’s… he’d be very appreciative, he has gratitude and love and he puts those things out there and guess what? This, certainly, the leads line up. Why would one seller call one person, over another person, so they look at a letter, guess what? Sellers have a feeling and they go, I’m just going to call this person instead of this person. Why do they pick that? Those are things that, you know, when you apply this in your life, this attracting feeling in your life, then what happens is circumstances, events, people, things line up for you. This is called aligned action versus just regular everyday actions. So what does aligned action? Guess what? The leads show up, the deals show up.

I’m in Phoenix, one of the most competitive markets in the entire country and we consistently get deal after deal after deal, after deal, $30,000, $40,000 $50,000 deals, $15,000, $20,000, $100,000 deals, consistently all the time. Why? Cause my team’s condition for this to think positive and I instill them and motivate them to be positive, to project positive. When they go and meet appointment, they project the positive outcome on that appointment and it works. So and guess what? I get them to focus instead of on fear and worry. I’m not going to beat them up if they didn’t turn around and get the deal; I want them to focus on appreciation, gratitude and love.

Now there’s a couple of them things we can do to instill this, because it is, it’s something you have to engineer, okay, it just doesn’t happen, I just don’t wake up and go, oh my gosh, today I’m, you know, appreciative and grateful and love things, you know. It’s like, it’s… you have to engineer it, right? Because we’re human, so what happens, you know in… There have been tons and tons of you know, not only stories, but of people like… you know, if you listen to Tim Ferris and Tim Ferris he has a great podcast; you should listen to it, a very interesting duty. But he talks in interviews some of the most world-class people in the entire world and asked them specifically about their morning rituals, what they do in the morning and it’s amazing that 99.9% of these people that we look up to, that we aspire to be, that we, well look at them as massively successful have and instill morning rituals in your life.

Now if you talk to Tony Robbins, Tony Robbins has what’s called the hour of power, when you wake up in the morning and have that hour of power, it’s been, you know, for him has been one of the key aspects to changing someone. So we want change, right? We want 2016 to be better. Well, we can start incorporating these things into our life, these rituals into our life and understanding of what our thoughts, what we’re thinking about in our chronic thoughts and the story we tell ourselves, what we’re projecting in the future and understanding this and realizing that we can now create these morning rituals that will bring the appreciation, gratitude, to bring those things to us, it will line up those leads, will line up those sellers, will line up those circumstances, the events and the buyers where deals will come in. That will just completely amaze you.

So what’s a morning ritual? So what I do, my daughter gets up about 5:50, I get up about 6, right? And I’ll make her breakfast in the morning, every single morning I wake up, I make her a breakfast burrito, I cook some hash browns, throw her some sausage or bacon in there, put a nice egg in there, put some cheese in there, salt and pepper, you know, I’d make a tortilla, you know, and make her some sauce fresh salsas, you know, some orange juice there and I make her every single… that’s what she loves, everything. I don’t know how she eats that every single day, but every single day she absolutely loves it. So about 6:20 I’m sitting there making her breakfast in the morning and then I’ll make a cup coffee, I’ll sit down, and what I’ll do is go through a morning ritual that… and I’m not going to get complete detail, cause there’s, there’s other cool things I do, but I’m just going to make it easy for you.

So morning rituals basically what we’ll do is we’ll set your day, okay? So for me, I sit there and I will, you know, have my cup of coffee with my coconut cream, which is amazing, it’s like, like vacation in a cup, go check it out. Coconut creamer and what I’ll do is I have my what’s called my January letter, which I’ll talk about here in a second and then what I’ll do is I’ll read… it’s called an app, called Jesus Calling and it’s a great book, you can do that or you can have the app called the Secret App, which is really good and check out those two different apps.

I like Jesus Calling, I read that every single morning, this is part of my morning ritual and then that I’ll do is I’ll spend probably about, you know, I read those things and stuff, either Secret or Jesus calling, whatever, probably for the first like 5-10 minutes, whatever, and then for about 20 minutes or so I’ll just sit in absolute silence, just completely, just clearing my mind. Some people go, I’ll go to sleep. Well, guess what? That’s what the coffee and the coconut cream is for. And I’ll sit there, I’ll just become completely silent and then I will pray and I, you know, I have the whole entire prayer about my office and my family and stuff like that.

You don’t have to pray if you want, that’s what I believe and that’s what I do. So I will pray and then I have lists of everything I appreciate. I use an app called Simple Note in the iTunes Store, I think it’s in Android too as well, but Simple Note, and I have lists of everything I appreciate and I also too, I have my January letter inside there. So I’ll sit down and I’ll have a cup coffee, I’ll be in the morning, it’ll be dark out, right? And I’ll sit there and I’ll just read through my January letter and then I will go through and focus on everything I appreciate and it’s all everything I appreciate about my health, everything I appreciate about my family, everything I appreciate about my finances, everything I appreciate about my spiritual life, everything I appreciate about my business, everything. Everything I appreciate and I’ll go through them, really focus everything and I’m, for the purpose of generating that feeling of appreciation, that feeling of appreciation.

Now the January letter, what that does, it literally, it puts that whole feeling and attracts the things that you want into your life. Now the January letter we’re getting to here is basically, I mean like I said I got, I don’t have to tell you, I got this from John Carlton and he’s an incredibly successful copywriter. Things worth hundreds of millions of dollars copyrighting, right? So he was telling a story of how he would try to pursue goals and he probably had to run after and chase goals, and then he found the January letter and he wrote his January letter and started attracting goals to him. So what the January letter does, the premise behind it is you sit down and take, you know, an hour, two hours, whatever and project yourself as if you’re in 2017. So put yourself mentally as if you’re in 2017, so blank right now, boom, this January whatever, you know, 2017, and now you’re sitting there and what you’re doing is you’re writing a journal, right, documenting what happened in 2016.

So you’re writing and you’re saying, “Oh, my gosh, 2016 was the best year ever.” You’re at writing a journal to yourself, basically stating everything that you’ve done, everything that happened as if it’s already happened. Now you know if, if you read the Bible, right, you know it says, “Ask and believe it’s already happened and it’ll be yours.” So in the secret this is ask, you believe it’s already happened, you know, and then allow it into your life. So it’s very, very similar things. So what happens is this, is this putting yourself into the future and you’re writing down as if it’s already happened. You know in… and believe me I’ve written, I wrote, I’ve done this for a handful years now and my income goals that I have wrote down in my January letter has come within, you know, I’m talking about millions of dollars annually year has come within your $5 to $10,000 in some years.

Trips that I want to go on, that I, that I didn’t even plan, right, have all the miraculously came about. We have we’re set to go to a Napa trip and I had a friend, you know, we want to…. In my January letter I wrote I want to go in October and we had a blast and would take my wife there and spent some great time and stuff and, and it was September, I didn’t have anything planned and I think about it, I was busy, kind of put it out of on my mind, friend called us up and said, “Hey, you know, we’ve got a house we rent it right on the vineyard, it’s absolutely incredible, you’ve got to see it and we need one more couple that wants to go together,” so I just want to go, everything’s, everything set, all the wine tours are set, I could just buy her flight and chip in on the house. I’m like, “Done, just miraculously,” now you could… that’s unexplainable, right? It just happened to be on the exact time that we… I wrote my January letter, I want to go and I didn’t even have to plan the thing, it was amazing.

Now does everything line up that way? No, but a lot of them amazingly things, a lot of things do. So write your January letter as if it’s already happened. Now if you want to get a copy of the January letter, just go to this episode it’s Flip2Freedom.com, Flip2Freedom.com, I have a link on there that you can download a copy of the January letter and how to use it. You can do that for free, so just go to Flip2Freedom.com episode 123, it will be right on that main page, front page there when you see it, click on that, click into it and there’ll be a link at the bottom there that will give you access to my January letter, which is killer.

Now what you do is you read it every morning and you read it at night before you go to bed, very easy to do and it puts you in the state as if it’s already happened and just document your year, document your health. Oh my gosh, it was the best shape of my life, I feel better than never, document the trips you went on, income, you quit your job, whatever the case may be, just write it down. All right, now let’s talk about the one more of the part of the triangle effect; we’re talking about reverse engineering our goals.

So the second part of the law of attraction is what we call spiritual laws of success. Now this is controversial for some people, some people will accept it and go I’m not doing that, there’s no way I can…. This has been a dramatic impact in my life and, and it’s called tithing. Tithing is one of… it’s, it’s a spiritual ritual and it has been probably the one of the biggest, most profound, most impactful rituals that I have incorporated in my life that has made the biggest impact over anything that I’ve ever done, okay. It’s that, it’s that big.

Now you’re probably wondering, what, what is tithing? Tithing is where it’s a spiritual ritual, where you basically take 10% of your earnings that come in and you tithe that to your church or someone that, you know, either could be a charitable organization. But what you do is you essentially give it away, give away 10%. Now some of you going, holy cow, give away 10%? What are you, nuts? This guy’s insane, right? Okay, I’ll be insane and make millions of dollars and I’ll be insane and help a bunch of people, I don’t care, you know, it’s like whatever. If you’re going, I don’t have, you know, I can barely pay my bills anyways. Well then you need this more than anybody.

So tithing… I don’t want to get into the whole back story behind it, but there is a book called The Four Spiritual Laws of Success, The Four Spiritual Laws of Success. I’ll have the link also in this episode that you can to Amazon, so you can, you can see at Flip2Freedom.com for slashing, just search episode 123. But the bottom line is that you can get that and download it. The first chapter talks about tithing. Now for me, you know, I was against tithing, it was, it was hard for me, I grew up in a religious background, but you know, I was always in this financial struggle, my whole entire life always struggled financially, I could never get ahead.

Every time I get some money saved, you know, the tires would go out or that something health would happen or this would happen and that… there would always be something that would I just buy myself ahead and then I get knocked three steps behind and always, always, my whole entire life always struggle until I read The Four Spiritual Law Of Success, everything changed, I made a decision at that point that I was going to tithe 10% and I started out with like $200 bucks. I start out with just like next to nothing and now that I tithe more in a year than the average person, makes in 3 or 4-5 years, it’s amazing. Well, well, well, well on the six figures that I tithe every single year and it’s not because that, you know, that means there’s 90% left over, it’s a funny thing it’s that the dramatic change and shift it has.

Now I remember watching a video from Suze Orman, who talked about tithing and… or talked about giving, she says, “If your hands are so tight, hanging on to everything you’ve got, clenching your fist together, not letting go, guess what? You’re not open to receive,” right? If you open your hands and you open your hands and give, guess what? More in your life comes back and you know it inside deep in your gut, right? We just we don’t want to do it, because we’re like, what if it doesn’t work, what if it doesn’t happen? Again projecting negative thoughts, you know, you started out with just a little, and now it’s just grown dramatically, where money becomes a non-issue, right? And money just lines up at a way it’s just amazing.

So I’ve shared this with Flip2Freedom Academy audience, Flip2Freedom Academy members, you know, on the Flip2Freedom podcast over the years, talking about this and the stories from people have been amazing. For people who are not religious, they’ve never heard about tithing before, but decided to give a little, just try out, give out to either charity or they found a church or something like that and they gave to, something that they believe in and amazing things lined up. Next thing you know a lead comes in from a mailing, that they haven’t mailed, because they haven’t mail in two months because they hadn’t had the money.

Then all of a sudden a lead comes in three days after, right, they tithe, right. And then they turn around, a lead comes in, they do a $30,000 deal, stories like that in the Flip2Freedom Academy are just amazing. So the bottom line is that it’s a game changer, read more about it, study about it, it has changed my life and I know change yours. And in this podcast is not all this is about real estate success, becoming the best you can be, achieving more, but also things in my life that I know has been massively impactful that I know will change your life as well.

All right, so now let’s talk about the master plan. This is the other, the last side of the triangle. So we got the mental chronic thoughts, right, we’re going to focus and project positive things in the future, we got the law of attractions, going to line ourselves and relief what are… our excitement or energy with a gratitude and appreciation positive, we’re going to have a morning ritual that’s going to be able to do that, right? And then after that were going to, you know, read our January letter, we have that put together and then we’re going to pivot any of our thoughts if we, if we, if we get off track, you know, we’re going to tithe 10% that comes into our household, you know.

And now what’s the, what’s the last side of the triangle? It’s massive action, it’s the massive action plan behind it and it’s called aligned action, because here’s what happens, like we talked about, you could put action in and say, “You know, screw this, forget this, you know, law of attraction, I’m not going to tithe. What are you, nuts? You know, I’m not going to do that, you know, and I was chronic thoughts, my… I’m a positive thinker, I’m good to go. I’m just… tell me how to reverse engineer my goals,” right? And then what happens is, you’re going to apply this massive action and things are going to line up for you, it’s going to be a struggle.

Have you ever met someone who it seems like they could, they can do it all, right? They just, oh my gosh, the houses guy, he just, he has a great family life, he has, you know, everything, has great kids love him, has great relationship with his wife, you know, has amazing businesses that are generating tons of income, has all this time off and spent… he goes… that he does all these things, has the entire package, but he seems like he doesn’t work at all, but he encompasses all the stuff. And then you got this other guy just killing himself, work and busting their butt and just making by, and that, that’s the difference. It’s the difference between, you got a triangle effect, you know, and if you apply massive action without the other, then you’ll find yourselves, hey I’ve met people that are incredibly rich, you know, they’re completely loaded, but miserable.

I met this guy that had a $300-million company, man, he was on top of the world, but guess what? His, you know, his wife hated him, he’s going through divorce, you know, kids never spoke to him, but yeah I mean, he’s on top of the world, he drives a nice car, big deal, right? You want to have a whole entire package. So when it comes to this and it comes to… we get into reverse engineering your goals, this is, this is just one side of the plan and you can focus on that and do that and maybe achieve $100,000, but you’ll do it a lot faster and a lot easier, taking a round peg and putting it into a round hole.

All right, so reverse engineer goals, $100,000, so first of you want to figure out what revenue we want to achieve in 2016, reverse engineer the goal to annual, quarter and weekly goals and then execute the plan. So now we have $100,000 a year, what I always do is take the goal and round it up by 25%, see why do I take the goal and round up by 25%? Because you want to… you know, it’s for either error or marketing, whatever the case may be. So let’s say we have to know these numbers are average deal size. What’s your average deal size? So you can use $6,000 if you don’t have an average deal size.

So if you have $100,000 and we divide into, you know, our $125,000 divide by 6, gives is basically 21 deals to hit our goal, so at 21 deals tying $6000, right, equals roughly $125,000, that will hit our goal. So now we know we get 21 deals, there’s going to hit our goal, okay so now we got to know is leads per deal, okay so how many leads does it take to get one deal? How many leads does it take to get one deal? Now if you don’t know the number, the average is about 22, right? When I’m talking to students and my own business and the set in the other is about 22. So 22 times 21, right, is 462 leads annually.

So what’s our focus? Our focus is to generate 462 leads over a year and out of those 462 leads, we’re going to go on appointments, we’ll meet with sellers and the way the numbers play out will generate $100,000. Now, that could be more or less. What if your average is $8,000? What if your average is $10,000? Now you make $210 grand, right? So the bottom line is, is that now, let’s even look at, you know, of a direct response marketing, response rate for like direct mail, right. The average for postcards letters is roughly 1%, so you take 1%, so that’s 46,200 postcards or letters annually, right, that you send out. So 46,200 annually, now you might be going, “Holy cow, 40,000.” I was talking about 200 or 300, right? Okay, 200 to 300 that’s going to get a certain result, but why not reverse engineer it to know exactly what you can do?

Now I’m not saying you do drop, 42 to 46,200 tomorrow, it’s annually; it’s broken up annually, okay? So, now if you take the cost of marketing roughly 50%, .50 cents of the 46,200, that’s, you know, basically $23,100 annual marketing budget, okay, they will be broken up. So the leads you need quarterly are 115, the leads you need monthly are 38, the leads you need weekly are 10, so essentially, I’m going to get calculator here real quick, you need basically 10 leads per week to go out and hit your goal, okay? 10 leads per week. So if you take 23,100 divided by 12 is $1925 divide by 4 is basically $481 marketing budget per week, okay? $481 marketing budget.

Now if you can do that, great! If you can’t, then don’t worry, do what you can do, but at least you know what it’s going to take. So let’s say if you start out in the first 2 or 3 months, you don’t have the ability to invest in $481 of marketing a week, but you do have, you know, $100 to invest, what happens is it’s going to scale into it and then you can increase your marketing over time to build in and be able to get the amount leads you’re looking to get.

So now instead of going, I want to make $100,000 a year, now you can understand the process that it takes, and this is what I do in my business, we go through, we go through our annual revenue, we break it down to a quarterly revenue, we break it down to monthly revenue, we break it down to a weekly revenue. What we need to accomplish weekly down for marketing, everything’s down specific and we track it every single week at our Monday morning meetings. We track all of that in what’s called the scorecard and put all our data inside this. We have all the data for the past couple years and in our different scorecards we could see what works, what doesn’t work, what at conversion ratio is are and everything all put together one, it’s awesome.

So now that you have the triangle effect, right? You have everything put together, now is this massive action on the plan. Your massive action goal is to generate essentially 10 leads a week, right? You can do it through free methods, you know, we in a way I podcast it, talk about free methods, you can talk, you can do it, you know, through direct mail, I talk about Google ad words, you know, how to generate leads to Google ad words, how to get deals off the MLS, REOs online marketing tactics, you can do to generate leads.

That’s your focus, 10 leads a week. Now to offset the cost of marketing, what if you get five free leads in five, you know, pay leads, well there you go, this is going to split your marketing budget happens in half, instead of $541, now it’s going to be $240.50, whatever it is, you know what I mean? So the bottom line is that you can offset that, but you have a goal specifically to hit 10, and guess what? If you hit, you don’t hit 10 one week and guess what? You get next week, now you’re going to say if you may be doing 15, just focus on what you can do, instead to focus on what you can’t do.

All right, holy cow, boy, I hope that was awesome. Now I got this killer video, not a video, audio, because we’re listening right now, aren’t we? I got this killer audio you got to listen to, it’s about 2016, how to make 2000, I hope it inspires and motivates you cause I saw this and I got pumped, because the bottom line is we have to get excited, we have to get motivated, and if we can have an action plan and we can see a January letter what we want to accomplish, we can reverse engineer it. We understand how or how we attract things in our life and guess what? Amazing things can happen and that then now put a little bit fuel on that fire, which is the inspiration, the motivation, the idea that I can do it, because guess what? If other people can do it, so can I too. So listen to this real quick, it’s awesome and I’ll be back on the other side.

“Ladies and gentleman, it’s not going to be easy. Easy is not an option. It’s hard changing your life, you got to take personal responsibility to make it happen and you got to resolve within yourself that I can do this, but it’s hard, but you got to say, “I’m the one, I’m the one to make this happen, I’m the one to become successful,” because that’s what life is about, stretching and challenging, looking for ways that you can begin to improve yourself. I want to encourage those of you out there, who may be at the bottom, or you may be at the top. I don’t care if you’re a lion or gazelle, when the sun comes up, you better get to running. So no matter if you’re the smartest, no matter if you think you’re the dumbest, it is not talent; it is pure effort that’s going to take you to the top. So you can be lazy, and see where you’re going to go. You can take the short cut and see where you go; you keep sleeping in and see where you go. You can dream it, and I would put effort, and you’re going to see where you’re going to be. Success is not greatness, it’s not about talent, it’s about effort.

But if you want to think bad enough to go and fight for it, to work day and night for it, to give up your time, your peace, and your sleep for it. Know what you want, what do you want in your marriage? What do you want with your son and your daughter? What do you want in your health? What do you want financially, like how much money do you want to make a year? What do you want to drive? How do you want to live? Stop just waking up like an accident. What do you want? And then once you find out what you want, spend the rest of your natural life waking up and going after it!

This is going to be your year. You have to care about every minute of your day. There’s too many people doing stuffs that’s not productive, you haven’t got time for that. If you are where you want to be, you got to be hustling, right. You know, the dream is free, the hustle is so separate. Sometimes it feels like there are so many things in this world you can’t control, earthquakes, floods, reality shows, but it’s important to remember the things that we can, like forgiveness, second chances, fresh starts. Because the one thing that turns the world from a lonely place to a beautiful place is love, love in any of its forms. Love gives us hope, hope for the New Year, that’s New Year’s Eve to me, hope and a great party.

I become what I think about all day long and once you know that what you think about is what expands, you start getting real careful about what you think about.” All right, what you think about expands, told you. So I hope you’re pumped, ready to make 2016 your year. There is no option to quitting, right? You just, it’s like, it’s like if you want it bad enough, if you can see it bad enough, if you can taste it and you know it, and you know what you want to accomplish, and you know what you want to do, there’s something called tenacity. And in tenacity, tenacity says I’m going to attempt it until I don’t care whatever it takes to make it happen, right? Like it’s said in the audio right there, whatever it takes you’re going to wake; you’re going to wake up in the morning, whatever it takes to make it happen.

You know when I was knocking on pre-foreclosure doors, that’s why I first got started. I didn’t know anything about online marketing, Google didn’t even exist at that time when I first got started, so… They didn’t have any of this stuff in 2003 when I get started. So the bottom line is that I just went knocking on pre-foreclosure doors. When I went out and knocked on the first door, right, I was projecting negative thoughts because I was negative conditioning.

And I knocked on the pre-foreclosure door and first off I was scared to death, it’s the first door knocked on. There is a huge truck sitting in the front grass with these big massive knobby tires, it wasn’t sitting in the actual driveway, it was sitting on the front grass, which was… it was in grass, it was in dirt, and walk up to the house and it was May of 2013 , I mean 2003 and I walk up to the house and the door was open, the screen door was sitting there, and I knocked on the door and I was scared, I mean I had my little script of what I’m going to say and I’m, “Hey,” and I’m… “Hi, my name is Sean and I’d like to help you with your house before it goes to foreclosure on so and so date.” That’s what I wanted to say and that’s what I rehearse over on my head of what I was going to say before I went to the house.

And now I parked down the street and… Because I kind of case the neighborhood before I got up there. But anyway, so I knocked on the door and this dude, he must have been like 6 foot 8, his head was shaved, but he hadn’t shaved it in like, a week, so it was all stubbly, his face was all stubbly, and he had a tank top on, right, and his hair was all popping out of the tank top, and he’s 6 foot 8, and I’m like 6 foot 1, you know I spent four years in the Marine Corps, so I’m pretty buff and tough, right, and I am sitting there looking at this guy, and I’m like this like little spineless wimp, right. I was sitting, looking at this, I’m like, and I want to go say hi, and my tongue, I swear, froze off, like… it was like abuse… I like tripped over myself and I looked at that guy like, “Argghh” and I turned around and ran like a little girl, I ran back to my car.

And that was my first experience knocking on pre-foreclosure doors, I ran like a girl. Because this guy was like, what do you want? I was like “Argghh,” so I got out of there. So I jumped in my car and I was thinking to myself, there is no way I can do this, there is no way, I’m not going to knock on pre-foreclosure doors, there’s no way, there’s no way. First off I was driving all around and I just… there’s no way I can do this, right? So I started up my car, and I had Think and Grow Rich on… I had like an audio book and a tape cassette, before digital download, before you know, Wi-Fi in your car and you can just stream podcast in your car, iPhone, or any of that type of stuffs.

So I had like a tape cassette of Think and Grow Rich, and I’m sitting there, and I turn down my car and I turned up the volume, and it was at the point where they talked about never quitting, never ever, ever, ever quitting. And I’m sitting, I already quit in my head, I already said there’s no way I can do this, I can’t do this, there’s no way, uh-uh, I’m not doing it, and then I turned this on that talked about never quitting. Successful people don’t quit. Quitters never win and winners never quit, we’ve heard that before. But the bottom line is that I made a decision right there, I made a decision right there that I was never going to quit.

Success was going to submit to me and I went out there and I looked at the next, you know, next address on the line, I drove there and I’m sitting there pumped in the car listening to this, “Never quit!” Right? And I’m just like, on top, finally go up the door, and I knocked on the door and you know, I’m going to make this happen, and what happens is things change when you have a resolve, when you make a commitment that you’re going to do it no matter what, success submits to you. The right people line up, the right doors you knock on, people tend to be home, right?

You know, you send out letters and guess what? Things come in, but if you’re wishy-washy, like it says in the Bible, you’re the lukewarm, right, you’re either hot or cold, but if you’re lukewarm, I’ll spit you out of my mouth. What does that say? You either are in or you’re not, but don’t be wishy-washy, don’t be spineless, right? Make a decision, get committed, get super-hot, get tenacious, I’m going to do this; I’m going to make 2016 great whatever it takes, why? Because you deserve it, why? Because your family deserves it, why? Because you know what, you’re sick and tired of working the stupid job deal with this crazy boss. You’re better than that, you know you’re better than that and it’s time to take the bull by the reins, take your success by the reins and make it happen in 2016! I gave the principles, I gave you the tactics, now put it together, focus on it, reverse engineer those goals, become tenacious and make it great! I’ll see you on the next episode. Take care and God bless.



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