F2F 037: 7 Deadly Sins That Will KILL Your Business…

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DO NOT Make These 7 Deadly Sins…or You’re DONE!

In this episode I tell you the 7 deadly sins that will kill your wholesaling business.  If you commit these huge mistakes it could not only cost you you’re business but could cost you a fortune…

Here are the Seven Deadly Sins (Listen for the Solutions)

Sin #1: Marketing for Sellers Before You Know This One Trick.

Sin #2: Screwing up this one Formula Will Cripple Your Selling Ability.

Sin #3: Not Having this Clause in Your Purchase Contract will Spell Disaster.

Sin #4: Not Getting This From Your Buyer Could BLOW the Deal.

Sin #5: Trying to Sell Your Property without Know This…

Sin #6: Trying to Flip an REO without Learning this One Method.

Sin #7: Don’t EVER Do this One Thing…or Suffer the Consequences.

At the end I share a short clip from Will Smith on “The Key to Life”  it’s a must listen…

All the best!!


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