F2F 101: Coaching Call Insider: How to 10X Your Income Using These “ADVANCED” Tactics

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Coaching Call Insider: How to 10X Your Income Using These ADVANCED Tactics

This is a coaching call we did for the Flip2Freedom Academy members on 4-24-13.  We go in detail on advanced strategies of negotiation.  Anyone can get deals here or there from “low hanging fruit”, it’s the investors that uses these advanced strategies that will make more money on the same leads thus out spend the competition  on marketing and own the market.

You’ll Discover:

1. How to recognize and profit from”low hanging fruit.”

2. How to use Advanced Negotiating Techniques.

3. How Deal Structure Comprehension will help you to create a deal that no one else could.

4. You can never screw up a deal with “low hanging fruit.”

5. You should drop everything to go sign a deal.

6. You can negotiate a deeper discount by asking a simple question: Is that the best you can do?

7. A persistent attitude will give you the ability to close the next level of deals.

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