Wholesaling Houses: The Risks & Rewards of Your Phone Services

Wholesaling Houses: The Risks & Rewards of Your Phone Services

Phone service might seem like just a basic part of everyday business for those wholesaling houses. However, which service you use, the amount of security you have and being able to tap in to the phone data of others can make a massive difference in the success and longevity of your business.

For many real estate wholesalers when they think of the phone it is simply a rudimentary tool for taking lead calls or even cold calling, but those that fail to really consider the risks and potential rewards that phone service providers bring to the table could be setting themselves up for disaster.

The last couple of weeks have seen an enormous of amount of phone related scandals in the news. First there was the government phone tapping mess, then one real estate company receiving a $500,000 bill from AT&T after overseas hackers tapped their lines, and these certainly are not uncommon issues.

For those wholesaling houses, failing to protect your business from these types of threats and corporate espionage could sink you. So be smart about who you choose to do business with, watch your phone bills closely (even if it isn’t one of your favorite things), use reverse lookups to bust who is calling your lines and get them to stop jacking up your bills, and look for advanced security encryption solutions.

The flip side of this is that phone companies are now not just collecting enormous amounts of data about their customers, they are now packaging and selling it too. When overlaid with other forms of real estate lead lists this can provide incredibly targeted lead lists for honing in and closing more house deals.

Imagine being able to serve up your real estate marketing messages to home buyers, sellers and private lenders in dazzling multimedia right in their faces just when they are talking about investing, buying a home or selling one.

With laser targeted data this is entirely possible and coordinated across online, mobile and digital outdoor advertising, as well as beamed straight into the eye ball with Google Glass. It will soon be very possible to own all the data any individual prospect sees and so influence their decisions, providing you have the right strategy and are willing to invest in the technology.

Of course, if you don’t your competition will and those that are essentially blacked out from any visibility will certainly be at a disadvantage. That is of course unless investors have taken the time and effort to build extremely loyal tribes of their own.

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