Wholesaling HUD Homes: F2F Robinson Aries Interview (Part 5)

Wholesaling HUD Homes

This is a continuation of the Flip2Freedom podcast with Sean Terry. In this episode, Sean interviews Robinson Aries and finds out how wholesaling took him from bankruptcy to making bank.

Robinson: So I started searching and I found you. I actually got an e-mail from you. I remember it was late at night. I was checking my e-mail and boom, I suddenly see in my inbox, your name. I said “Sean Terry? Who is this guy? I never signed up for Sean Terry, but let me open it.” You were conducting a seminar that was in November, talking about HUD properties, and it just made so much sense to me. I clicked on it with my broker that I work with. We got the listings from HUD in our office. I said, “wait a second, we have HUD properties in my office.” You were talking about getting the password to get in order to put an offer. I do have that. While you were conducting this seminar, “Believe It,” I was searching at the same time. I had my computer with two monitors, so I was always watching something or listening to something, and I kept working. I said “you know, this is making so much sense. I’ve got the information. I’ve got the tools, because I can get around comps. I know a little bit about the business. I can pull comps from the county. I can pull comps from the MLS”…

Sean: So hold on a second. Let me understand. You got an e-mail from me, right? You clicked on it, you opened it up. You attended my webinar that I did, right? So on one screen you have my webinar playing, and on the other screen you’re going to the HUD website in Miami, Day County.

Robinson: I was in Palm Beach County. I was searching in Palm Beach County, because I had already moved to Palm Beach County.

Sean: So, Palm Beach County on the other screen, you’re searching properties and you’re going, “Hey I have an office with NID number.” So, you messaged or Facebook-ed your broker or something like that?

Robinson: Right. I had so many windows open at the same time, I was watching your webinar and searching for properties on Palm Beach. It came out one of our listings. My broker actually was listed for the property. So, I said, “I want to put in some offers.” I was like five properties on the site. So, I sent a message to my broker and said, “Listen, I need the NID number. I want to put an offer on a HUD property and I need this NID number from the broker that has the listing.” She said “well I can help you with that. I can put the offer in for you. What property are you looking at?” “Well, I’m looking at all of them.” So I put an offer on all of them.

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