Wholesaling in Marketing: From Small Successes to Massive Results TGE Episode 2 (Part 10)

Wholesaling in Marketing

This is a continuation of “The Great Escape” interview with Eric Thiele. Eric is working with Sean Terry and Flip2Freedom.com to learn how to start up a successful wholesaling business.  In this section, Sean and Eric discuss which marketing tools to use.

Sean: So there is an impending event that happened and then, also, there’s the motivation behind it, which gives it a great list to mail. So, call Lance and once you call Lance, right, after you do that, I want you to call Michael Quarles at yellowlettermail.com. Let me find his number.

Eric: Wait, what was Mike’s last name?

Sean: Quarles, Q-U-A-R-L-E-S. Michael Quarles. Call his number, 661-331-3737 and he’s at yellowlettermail.com. First off, you get the list, right? And then there’s going to be a count. Let’s say for the count, and it’s not going to be a lot. There’s maybe going to be 500, 800, 700, whatever it might be. Now, do you have a voicemail system set up?

Eric: Not yet.

Sean: Okay. Go to Google Voice – Google Voice is free. Or, what I use is what’s called Freedomvoice.com, and it’s basically just a simple voicemail system.

Eric: Couldn’t it be Flilp2FreedomVoice? Come on.

Sean: Flip2, yeah. No, I haven’t set that up yet. Flip2FreedomVoice.

Eric: Sorry, FreedomVoice.com, Okay.

Sean: Yeah, FreedomVoice.com or Google Voice, either or, whichever you like. I like FreedomVoice.com, you actually login to an interface, you can listen to the call through this interface, you can then sort that and put that call into a specific folder that calls in, you can add other numbers, like we had other numbers for absentee numbers, probate, inheritance, and stuff. So we can track down to the amount of calls that come in on a per mailing we do for the month that we do.

So, for you, you can use with Google Voice, whatever, or if you want to use FreedomVoice, I think it’s like $20 a month or something like that. So you can sign up for one of those. It will generate a local number to Austin. So you want to get a local number in Austin. The calls are going to go to a voicemail, and Michael Quarles, you’re going to tell him that you want to use the traditional Sean Terry yellow letter. Okay, and make sure you tell him you work with me because he’ll give you a discount too.

Eric: Mm-hmm.

Sean: Sean Terry yellow letter, and you want to make sure it’s mailed with a first-class stamp. He has two different options, he either mails in bulk, or he mails them first-class. Make sure it’s first-class.

Eric: Right.

Sean: Okay. So then direct everybody to the voicemail and then you can start going through the calls and talking motivated sellers.

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