Wholesaling In Real Estate Investing: F2F Robinson Aries Interview (Part 7)

Wholesaling In Real Estate Investing

This is a continuation of the Flip2Freedom podcast with Sean Terry. In this episode, Sean interviews Robinson Aries and finds out how wholesaling took him from bankruptcy to making bank.

Robinson: I don’t know about your market, but my market realtors don’t respond. They take forever. They create speculation, and you don’t get offers, and you don’t write all this paperwork. Big bank, big contracts; everything is like 25 pages. It takes probably half an hour to draw up a contract. Then they don’t give you an answer. So, I was so frustrated because I was sending offers to these bank owned properties. When it is so hard, I go this is so fast. I can put in an offer in 5 minutes. And I can do 10 offers. If I can get more properties, I can do an offer every 2 minutes. It’s much easier. It’s very simple. And that’s what I say.

Sean: And you get an answer the next day.

Robinson: Yeah. That’s the beauty. There’s nobody trying to manipulate the offer. Trying to conceal information…

Sean: So, you got that property. Now, you got the bid. You sent in your paperwork and now, tell us the process that happened right after that. You got accepted, you have 45 days. What did you do?

Robinson: Well, that was another story. What do I have to do? I have to market this property right away. I said, “I’ve got to find a buyer.” So, I have a little story for this property. When you attract things, I’m a believer of the law of attraction, I think that’s why I clicked with your information so well, because I also believe in the law of attraction. Once you start doing something and you start thinking, everything comes together. Some way or another, it starts to show up. I went to Home Depot. I was purchasing some stuff for my house. Suddenly my phone rings. Somebody is calling me saying that he is an investor. I have a sign on my truck. I drive a Honda and I have a sign in the back that says, “free list properties.” I have a sign in Spanish, my common language, that means cheap properties for lease. Call this number. So, this guy called me and said, “listen, I saw your truck in the parking lot. Are you in Home Depot?” I said “yes, I’m here in aisle 10.” And he said, “I want to talk to you because I’m a home lender and I would like to talk to you about what I have to offer to you.” I said, “OK. Come over here.” We started talking about it, and I said “I sell wholesale properties.” He says, “I’ve got money. I lend money. Actually, I’m a home lender, but I also buy properties for myself. I’m an investor. If you ever need money, let me know.” So, I said “listen I have a property. I’ve got it under contract. If you’re interested, take a look at this property.” And he say “OK. Give me the address.”

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