Wholesaling Lead Generation with Forums & Social Networks

Wholesaling Lead Generation with Forums & Social Networks

Are real estate investors still missing out on much of the best and most cost effective marketing for wholesaling via forums and social networks?

Lead generation is the lifeblood of real estate wholesalers. Wholesaling homes may be overly simplistic from a technical stand point. It may be fast, easy and incredibly profitable, but it does rely on constantly generating both home buyer and seller leads.

So those which become the best at generating new leads every day will be those who rise to the top and enjoy flipping the most homes and bringing in the most income.

However, the winners aren’t just those who know how to bring in a lot of leads. It is those who also master doing this while demanding the maximum ROI on their marketing efforts. After all, it is really all about the bottom line.

There are endless forms of wholesaling marketing out there today. Many work but they certainly are not all equal when it comes to effectiveness, immediate results and return on investment. Far too many of the marketing strategies and concepts being pushed on real estate investors today are complex, multi-layered, highly technical and far from cheap or fast to roll out. Most wholesalers need leads now, ripe leads who are ready to roll and they don’t have huge budgets to accomplish this with.

Instead, isn’t it wiser for real estate investors to focus on wholesaling leads from forums and social platforms?

Why? Because in contrast to direct mail, blind email campaigns and telemarketing for wholesaling, forums and social networks are frequently the low hanging, ripest fruit, ready for the picking.

It’s the difference between trying to learn how to be a farmer – from choosing the land to buy, the seed, waiting months for it to grow while tending crops daily and hoping to get the harvesting part right without any weather interfering – or simply picking those fruits which are already ripe and ready to fall into your hand. In business, this makes all the difference in speed and ROI.

Far too many real estate wholesalers continue to overlook these opportunities and go off to build their own farms while this fruit goes rotten or is picked up by the competition.

There are kinds of debates about social media marketing today. Will Facebook still be around two years from now, do social ads really work, which platform is the best, what is the right content mix? None of that really matters to the savvy wholesaler looking for leads right now.

Forget trying to find just the right hook or catchy ad which will close leads on social networks. If you simply provide a platform for conversation or even join the conversation on others’ social platforms you will discover endless leads. Spend a few minutes browsing and you’ll find many individuals and investors either trying to sell their properties, looking for partners on deals or wanting advice on buying. These are all hot prospects, begging for your solution.

For wholesaling, the same goes for forums. Often ignored, online real estate forums are jam packed with those who need your help and want to make deals today. Why let them go unanswered?

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