Wholesaling Marketing: 5 Tips for Better Photography

Wholesaling Marketing: 5 Tips for Better Photography

Images add a great dynamic to wholesaling marketing materials. Unfortunately many real estate wholesalers really let themselves down when it comes to the pictures they use to bring in leads or promote their properties. So how can you get better at it?

Photos are an important part of wholesaling marketing today. They make direct mail pop, billboards and other display ads stand out, and Google loves multimedia. Sadly, poor quality images or ‘borrowed’ images can not only kill ROI and lower results, but can lead to lawsuits later on, not to mention cheapening brands. So how can you take better photos or find great ones you can use without copyright issues biting you back later on?

1. Choose A Better Camera

As with anything, having the right tool for the job can make all the difference. For the new photographer and those for whom art class was a long time ago, this can be really confusing today. Funnily enough, most digital cameras and mobile phones have far better image quality than what professional photographers used to use and often still use today. Anything with 2 megapixels and up, is OK. However, the new Samsung Galaxy model boasts a 20 megapixel camera, beating out the iPhone. With digital, it is all about learning how to use it, and sometimes overriding automatic settings.

2. Lighting

The single most important key to fantastic photos for wholesaling marketing is lighting. It makes all the difference. Recognize that the best times to shoot are at sunrise and sunset.

3. Take a Photography Class

If your picture taking skills are a little rusty, why not take a class to brush up. You do it to improve your real estate education for flipping houses, so why not for your marketing too? Plus it could mean opening up some great networking opportunities as well.

4. Hire a Pro

If you simply don’t have the time to waste trying to become a master photographer why not just hire one? You may also find great opportunities in recruiting interns that want to show off their skills and get known.

5. Fotolia

Another streamlined option for high quality professional photography for virtually any use is stock image site Fotolia where endless images can be found from a few cents to over $35, as well as monthly plans for those needing large volumes.

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