Wholesaling Marketing: Can You Survive Without a Blog?

Wholesaling Marketing: Can You Survive Without a Blog?

Can real estate wholesalers survive without blogging today?

Blogging is more than just another channel for wholesaling marketing, even though it remains one of the most effective. Can your real estate wholesaling business live without it, what are the alternatives and if you are going to start a blog how can you maximize the results?

Of course wholesaling properties is entirely possible without having a blog. It’s also possible to profitably wholesale homes without having any social media accounts or even a mobile phone or a car.

There are plenty of other options for wholesaling marketing today. Offline methods such as direct mail, cold calling, yard signs and open houses all still work. On the web PPC advertising via Google Adwords, email marketing, display ads, property listings and social media all work too. These channels and strategies can all drive in leads, help to build lists and result in closed deals.

But can you really thrive without a blog?

When it comes to wholesaling marketing a blog can easily make everything else you are doing better. It can increase the results of all of your other efforts and your ROI.

You can grow without it, but if you aren’t maximizing your ROI and profit margins, or at least be realizing the best spreads in the industry, sooner or later the competition will take the lead.

Blogging can be as inexpensive and highly rewarding as Facebook or Google+, but offers a lot more too.

Blogging can drive in constant organic web traffic and leads. It helps SEO and search engine rankings. It also lasts a lot longer. A great blog post can literally continue producing leads for years.

Even better, it boosts credibility and authority, can be used to position real estate businesses and professionals to increase value, can spark viral internet campaigns and embedded with ads can create additional passive income streams for lifting revenues and diversifying.

In fact, when it comes to wholesaling marketing you could say that wholesalers could often survive by blogging alone, if they get good at it and put in the effort.

So how can you maximize your potential results from blogging?

Make your blogging results and ultimately your overall business performance better by:

  • Combining blog posts with email and social
  • Trade guest blogs for reaching a wider audience and better Google placement
  • Encourage social sharing and make it easy to spur word of mouth marketing
  • Do it daily
  • Commit to original, fresh, high quality blog content

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