Wholesaling Marketing in the New Real Estate Boom

Wholesaling Marketing in the New Real Estate Boom

The real estate market is set to truly take off this year but it’s those investors with the best handle on marketing their wholesaling deals that will really enjoy the bulk of the profits to be had.

With increasing competition for distressed properties and the best buyers, wholesaling marketing is becoming more important than ever. In fact, it now accounts for a huge percentage of an investor’s success.

Unfortunately few real estate investors really have a handle on what works and what changes are in the works when it comes to marketing for deals and to attract buyers.

Most just copy what they see others doing, rely on outdated ideas they found in the bookstore or bring what they did in their last industry to real estate. Sadly the truth is that you can have a terrible product and do incredibly just by having great marketing (just look at Zillow), while having the best product and offering the best deals might not equal success if the marketing isn’t right.

The truth is that there are many wholesaling real estate marketing options that do work; at least dozens if not hundreds. However, it isn’t not just about what can work, truly successful investors know that it is about doing what works the best, what delivers the best ROI and will continue to work. As a real estate wholesaler, if you aren’t demanding the most out of your marketing budget and reaping the maximum profit spreads you will be quickly surpassed by your competition. This leads to a snowball effect as your competitors gain steam and make it constantly harder for you to ever catch up.

So what types of real estate wholesaling marketing should you be considering today, and what changes are in the works?

Right now many are finding great success in email marketing, blogging, social, direct mail and some still even in cold calling.

Outdoor advertising has always been a popular choice as well ranging from yard signs to car magnets to bench ads and banners on the back of airplanes. CBS just converted their billboard business into a real estate investment trust to take advantage of real estate’s tax benefits and raise more money, but whether it is because they expect a huge boom to coincide with the housing market rebound or because it is on its way out, we’ll have to wait and see.

Facebook seems to be making some crazy moves lately, but likely degrading itself as a platform for most real estate investors at the same time.

Video is hot, but most are off base on what people watch them for or their bandwidth. One thing for sure for wholesaling marketing now and in the future and that is the importance of mobile, don’t underestimate it. This is something all should be working on. In the meantime, those on a budget can achieve wonders simply by networking.

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