Wholesaling Marketing: Tips For Effective Lead Handling

Wholesaling Marketing: Tips For Effective Lead Handling

How can real estate investors get better at handling inbound leads from their wholesaling marketing and close more deals?

Surprisingly it isn’t getting up the guts to get started or the energy or smarts to do some guerilla style wholesaling marketing to kick things off that is the main hurdle for many real estate investors, it is the paralysis that comes when the phone actually starts ringing and leads starting piling up in the inbox. For some reason this is where many new investors panic the most. They were solely wrapped up in the concern of actually finding some deals and concerned about lead generation they forgot to find out what’s next or are just afraid to mess it up. So how can these leads be handled better?

First off; banish the fear. Recognize that you are only afraid now because you doubted your ability to generate leads successfully in the first place, and you did it. So you can leap this hurdle too. Then accept that the likelihood is that at some point you will say the wrong thing, or at least not the best thing, maybe even many times. However, you’ll never close a deal unless you engage these leads. If you don’t everything you’ve done so far will be wasted. You are so close to winning, don’t let unfounded self-doubt steal that from you.

So what to do now?

The first and most important part of effective lead handling is to respond quickly. Every minute you delay in getting back to them your odds of closing them get worse. If you find you are all of a sudden over whelmed with leads then enroll assistants or technology to help screen them and automate initial responses and filtering. This way you’ll keep them in the game, and you’ll only be using your time to talk to the most qualified leads.

If you have absolutely no idea what to say at all, then perhaps it is wise to go back and review your real estate investing education materials. If you didn’t invest in a course, now is the time to hustle and find one that will help with forms and scripts to make it easy for you.

Avoid the common mistake many make when responding to wholesaling marketing leads which is panicking on the phone and over explaining. Distressed sellers really don’t want to hear your story or your company’s history. All they want to know is if and how you can help, and most importantly how much you’ll buy their home for.

Whether you can help them or not make sure you capture as much information about every lead as possible. Get them logged into a database and automate recurring follow up for connecting with them when they be more motivated later or obtaining referrals from them.

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