Wholesaling Marketing Tips for Engaging Young Buyers

Wholesaling Marketing Tips for Engaging Young Buyers

How can real estate investors better connect with one of today’s biggest and most profitable groups of home buyers for more profit?

Wholesaling marketing generally consists of advertising and getting in front of other investors and real estate professionals. There is a big market for reaching these groups out there and it’s often the best match for a wholesaler’s strategy and product. However, if you just do what everyone else does that means competing among a lot of noise and suffering reduced wholesaling marketing ROI.

This means there can be a lot of opportunity, increased advertising effectiveness, easier to close deals and more profit to be found in owning a niche and one that is being neglected by other wholesalers.

One of these groups is younger buyers. Young professionals and couples are gaining as a percentage of home buyers, with first timers making up over 30% of the market. Then there are the repeat home buyers ready to buy again after losing their first homes to foreclosure or going through a short sale and that may now qualify for mortgage loans again.

There are obvious challenges when working with first time home buyers, younger buyers and dealing with retail type customers but if the product is right for them and you get the system right it can be incredibly profitable.

Young buyers can be less picky, happy to grow into properties and do their own rehab work over time and willing to pay top dollar, especially if they can finance it. This can mean incredibly high spreads and profit margins for investors. So how can you attract and reach more of them?

Perhaps first it is important to consider what they are looking for beyond the bricks and mortar. Recent surveys and new indexes have been increasingly focusing on factors that are important to this crowd including top cities for tech jobs, cities where local government is offering relocation and down payment help to attract them, Zillow’s ‘In the Move for Love’ index the happiest cities for young professionals among which Forbes ranked Phoenix, AZ  as one of the best.

Data shows young singles and young couples increasingly on the move and buying up new properties rapidly even before getting married. So when targeting your wholesaling marketing to these prospects consider the style of advertising and platform such as mobile as well as where trigger leads can easily be found. This could include lead providers tracking couples getting engaged, internet search activity such as bridal photos on Pinterest and more.

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