Wholesaling Marketing: Where’s Your Call to Action?

Wholesaling Marketing: Where’s Your Call to Action?

Are you being sold out of selling by slick salesmen? Is your wholesaling marketing flunking and failing to turn people on to your real estate investing services and great product?

Perhaps you are being fooled into taking the wrong approach…

The last week has seen a slew of ‘gurus’ advising small business owners not to use sales tactics to get people to respond or open emails. Ironically you’d only know this if you opened an email from them that used the very same ‘pain vs. pleasure’ or sensational subject lines they warn against using.

This backs on the trend of so many telling investors not to sell over social platforms, only for Facebook’s own research and Zuckerberg to come out telling businesses they were failing to make the most of the platform by not including enough or strong enough calls to action.

Wake up! Your competition doesn’t want you to be selling and they definitely don’t want you to be calling prospects to action that they want for themselves.

There is definitely wisdom in adopting a stance and strategy that relies more on attraction marketing versus hard selling. Use this for branding in magazines, blogs, in person networking and growing your friends on Facebook.

However, many people will sit idle forever waiting for you to call them to action. Worse, they will go to the competition, not because they are better or offer them a better deal or are even as credible, but because they asked for the business.

Think about 2 guys in a busy nightclub on a Saturday night. One is propping up the bar all night, looking great, making friendly conversation but never attempting to close the deal, while the other makes it his mission to ask every single female if she’ll dance and if she’ll leave with him. Whose odds of scoring are better? Who is going to close the deal and who is more likely to go home alone with nothing to show for all the money they spent?

People love to hate, they love to complain about tacky pickup lines, gossip about the ‘sleaze balls’ hitting on everything that moves and talk behind their friends backs who carry on like that, but who is getting more of what they want and the highest ROI on their time and money spent?

In marketing for wholesaling real estate, or otherwise, it is the same concept. Of course you don’t want to offend people and turn them off but this is a business and unless you ask for it you probably aren’t going to see that many deals closing no matter how sexy your wholesaling website, how incredibly thoughtful your blog posts, how deep and valuable the content is, or what a great personal brand you have polished, and no matter what you really have to offer.

You won’t get the chance to be Mr. or Miss ‘Right’ or be the buyer or seller or investor private lenders want to throw money at unless you move first…

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